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  • Frankzdrrik
    verse 18 reminds us that in ancient time, god himself marked his choosen ones if his people turn away from him to worship baal or satan and his allies..so in our modern time,as god's people once again influenced by baal or satan and his allies by compulsive marking of 666,there are still some who refused to received that mark because the true god inspired them not to receive the mark
  • Melki
    The mark of the beast is a counterfeit of Yahuwah's mark. Yahuwah's mark is obtained by keeping his true sabbath which is regulated by the moon. Anybody who is not observing the true Sabbath has the mark of the beast by default.
  • Will
    How do you reconcile your condemnation of people who don't observe your definition of sabbath with: Colossians 2:16 View whole chapter See verse in context Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath days:
  • Melki
    That is not my definition of the Sabbath. That is from the bible. Colossians 2:16 was to provide hope for those who were observing the true Lunar Sabbath and the New Moon days.
  • Adam
    Melki, you said "Anybody who is not observing the true Sabbath has the mark of the beast by default." but after decades of prayerful Bible study I, nor thousands of other Christians, have never seen that in the Bible. So, which is more likely: that despite reading the Bible cover to cover that God hid that from us, or that it isn't in the Bible? What is your book, chapter, verse support for it?
  • Seventh day is sabbath
    We are to keep God's Sabbath 7th day of week the 4th Commandment is clear. Sunday is Satans counterfeit sabbath day which was started in 321 AD by Constantine, then changed to law by Rome in AD 364. The Roman Catholic Church admits it changed the Sabbath from the 7th day of the wk Sat to the 1st day of the wk Sun Study history and the Bible. God does not change His commandments do not change
  • Melki
    Reading the Bible cover to cover is meaningless if we are not keeping the law. Why do you think the book of revelation uses code words like dragons, horses, etc? Because Yahuah does not want everybody to understand it. Read the book of second Esdras, the angel Uriel, told Esdras to hid some of the prophecies he wrote and give it to the righteous children of Israel those keeping the LAW .
  • Warrensauff
    those things that takes its person's reasoning powers the idea reasoning powers, or else intelligence Quotient, constantly represents a get on an examination when apr's the subject's intellectual ability as as opposed to general public. reasoning powers trials apply a standard range due to 100 currently being the mean get. on most studies, A score stuck between 90 in addition,yet 110, maybe the
  • Geofrey
    Glory be to God

  • Janet
    V. 5 Father, thank You for being my provider.
  • DAkeith
    We all have situations rise up . Without my daily devotion I would miss Gods word to me
  • BSP
    Verse 4~Elijah felt that he could not go on and he made that a subject of his prayer to Jehovah God. We can pray to God for strength and endurance when we feel we can't go on.
  • BSP
    Verse 10~Elijah had a jealousy for Jehovah God. He would tolerate no rivalry towards his God and we should imitate his attitude.
  • Peter A. Okebukola
    God is with Elijah to the end.
  • Armando R Beltran
    Many are called but few are chosen. He found the called plowing, working and the call to serve under a mentor with the same calling was placed upon Him. He answered the call let go of the plow, sacrificed His current security, loved God more then His work, father and mother and ran after the One who called Him. Many want the Anointing without leaving all they have and humbling themselves under God
  • BSP
    Verses 11 and 12 show that Jehovah God is greater than anything he creates. He is not in his creation.
  • James Gutschmidt
    a delicate whispering, as of the breeze among the leaves
  • Joshua Quansah
    A mighty fortress is our God, a bulwark who never fails, the writer of this song says the worlds is filled with devils like Jezebel and though mighty but one word of God fells them. We are a times fear as Elijah did but Elijah's story strengthens our faith and His peace re-echo His presence with always as our promised us in Mathew 28
  • Daisy Wingard
    I am reminded of walking in the strength of God a , nd not my own. God uses us to accomplish His will. When we walk in our strength, we become angry, afraid, frustration and restless and we hear the voices of others. When we are walking in God's strength, the above occurs, but we don't stay there. He always delivers.
  • Carolyn Jackson
    This scripture reminds me that people that follow God are not alone in there struggle! God told Elijah there were 7000 men that had not bowed the knee to Baal ! God know how to take care of His own. Jesus overcame the world and Christians can to if with continue with trust and obedience to the Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus said if you love me keep My commandments.
  • Irene123
    To Charlotte on 1 Kgs. 19 -- yes, I know Him- Acts 2:38; the Lord bless you for asking
  • Charlotte
    This chapter is about Faith,when jezebel slew all the prophets and sent word to Elijah instead of trusting God fear came and he fled,but God is so merciful,he aloud him to rest then he sent his Angel to feed him.what a mighty GOD!! Do you know him?
  • Tumelo
    that situation of elijah to god was just a set apart so that may his glory to be reveald through those situation .so know that in whatever situation you come across god is with you.the situation is just set apart or ceremony that jesus and his glory to be reveald.be encouraged and worship god in every situation for indeed he is always mercyful and love
  • Laura
    there are times in life when we have to be alone so that god can show us that he will never forsake us or leave us it is in our darkest hour he will subs-tan us not only with food and water but by allowing us to be a blessing to others even when we don 't feel up to the part, we must keep working on the kingdom, for greater is he who is in me than he that is in the word
  • Dorrett
    I have learner,that our time of crisis is the only opportunity to utilize Gods words. Never give in to our own perceptions.
  • Bisi
    This is a great chapter, my spirit was lifted when I was reading it, whatever we are passing through God knows and He is closer than we ever think, we should not give room to depression at all, I also learnt to be positive while in difficult situation ,Elisha replaced Elijah because he wish for death.
  • Erick
    DEPRESSION 1. God is in control Vs 5 6, 2. Listen to God Vs 7, 3. Identify where you are Vs 9
  • Pat
    May God help us to be careful in times of decision making.
  • Ron walters for verse 15
    1 Kings 19:15a 'go, return on your way to the wilderness.' could perhaps infer to wait on the Lord, a time of testing and trying and then come back refreshed by the Lord,.. feeling stronger having found himself again in the Lord.
  • Mary H
    I've learned that no matter what we go threw if we can just put our trust in the Lord. God will give us all we need for our battles. We must learn to at all times praise the Lord.

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