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  • Edwin L Muir on 1 Kings 18
    After 46 years of finding a grace to raise my hands in thankful worship when a gratefulness graces me to do so. Ive been so encouraged of late with Psalms 141:2. And now with this bold testimony of Elijahs again.Let my prayer be set forth before thee as incense; and the lifting up of my hands as the evening sacrifice. My assembly does not lean readilly to this but an increase over the years, especially among the more earnest 30 to 40 aged women. We are a 1 Cor 11:1 to 16 Apostolic people. 1940s to the 80s Six of the Seven Presbyterian Wilson brothers were filled with the Holy *GHOST* with Jude 20 KJV manifestation, and started Six Churches throughout New Zealand. The reticent Seveth son, Fred Wilson was moved to plant The Church of Christ NZ Mt Roskill, which has satelite branches as does their planting in Osaka a Sister fellowship. A strong KJV base they were until Fred Wilson, the Apostles passing, later allowed the NKJV to usurp the KJV veracity, and personally I say sadly, as the fire has shown a weakening since. Verses messed with, not just spoil memory treasures but :weaken > John 1:12 to :confuse >meek with gentle to a : great travesty>Jeremiah 23 33 to 40 where the confusing wordoracle replacing the word burden. Removing the severe warning to any who even hint at the *ETERNAL ALMIGHTY* being able to be burdened in any way, Isaiah 40:17. Especially when such grace offered to the weakest Saint who would receive it 2 Cor 9:8. And the word may is slipping into the Benediction decree. And to put prayer into an always bowed head stance, is robbing us all of the great need to be instant in prayer, even at least one hand authoritatively raised at certain times. Form is replacing intimacy and power, which can only lead to infirmity at length, as we all are so faithfully chastened betimes. Revelation 3:19, *G* B Uall, Psalms 138:8 Proverbs 8:30,31KJV. Philippians 1:6 will perform for the faithful, but those who neglect shall be counted among the lukewarm Proverbs 29:1.
  • Truth seeker on 1 Kings 18
    Verse 27 of 1 kings chapter 18

    Lord help me to be meek !
  • Truth seeker on 1 Kings 18
    So are false prophets, clouds with out rain etc
  • Michael marselli on 1 Kings 18
    Mary was Jesus biological mother joseph was not his biological father
  • Bob - in Reply on 1 Kings 18
    I believe Mary being Jesus mother and she was Holy at the time of the union with the Holy Spirit or It never would have taken place . So Jesus was a perfect union of God and flesh .

    With God all things are possible . Who really understands it ? God . But we know Jesus is flesh and of God . Not one or the other but both .
  • Chris - in Reply on 1 Kings 18
    That's correct if Mary's 'contribution' to the birth of Jesus was simply to provide the means for a human baby to form & be ushered into the World. If we think that anything from Mary (i.e. her ovum) was contributed to develop the babe, then I believe that would be false. Why? Then Jesus would have been born with a sin nature as we are & we know that He never had one. Even under temptation (Matthew 4:1-11), it was Satan's desire to cause Jesus to sin thereby causing the sin nature to be imputed, & that Jesus would become like us, sinners. When we're tempted to sin, we give in easily because Satan's appeal is already to a fertile ground of sin - but this was not the case with Jesus. The Divine Seed became human only because of the human 'mechanism' employed to bring him into the World. Or else, God could have just made Jesus as He did with Adam & Eve - but that wouldn't work as the prophecies of Jesus' coming still need to be performed.
  • Rod Allen on 1 Kings 18
    Fascinating story. The area was one that abounded in naturally occurring naphtha. Note that Elijah was very keen to soak his bonfire in "water". My theory is that this was just this natural firelighter. One spark and whoosh! The lot went up. Very clever man, Elijah.
  • Stanjett - in Reply on 1 Kings 18
    Not a story, but a fact. He had them pour the water on. He didn't touch it.
  • Rod Allen - in Reply on 1 Kings 18
    OK, so he had other people pour naptha on. If you read the account in 2 Maccabees, chapter 1, verses 20-23 you will find the same phenomenon described, but at least in some translations the liquid is described as naphtha, and the method was given to the priests by Neemias, an emissary from the King of Persia. Naptha and its properties were well known to the Persians, who were fire-worshippers.
  • Kisembo on 1 Kings 18
    God is great false prophets are real I have just observed we need to avoid and Identify them
  • BSP on 1 Kings 18
    Verse 21~The people felt that they could have worship both ways, but Jehovah God deserves 100 percent.
  • Bruce on 1 Kings 18
    Then the fire of the LORD fell, and consumed the burnt sacrifice, and the wood, and the stones, and the dust, and licked up the water that was in the trench.
    Surely God operates by and through His laws, for no other law is.
    Fire that consumes water and causes even stone to disappear shows that water contains abundant power. Perhaps we get a view here as to how the pyramid stones were shaped.
  • BSP on 1 Kings 18
    Verse 40~This verse shows the results of idolatry and the hatred that Jehovah God has for idolatry.
  • Femi Daramola on 1 Kings 18
    Ever Faithful God!
  • Peter A. Okebukola on 1 Kings 18
    Our God answereth by fire! It is curious that some roadside god will be contending with the creator of heaven and earth! Our omnipotent God showed His power and put baal to shame. Its worshipers got the treatment they deserve. Pray that God will keep showing His might in our lives to bring down the stronghold of satan and its cohorts.
  • Irene123 on 1 Kings 18
    ! Kgs. 17:1 - " ... there shall not be dew nor rain these yrs. ... "; 2 Kgs. - Isaiah
  • Stephen F. Zielski on 1 Kings 18
  • Zebedee Amukanga on 1 Kings 18
    When i went through the chapter i learned of three mainly things;Faith In God,conflict ion of man's faith in God and devil,problem,enemy or evil.
    Elijah stood for faith,Obadia;conflict ion of faith and Ahab;the problem,idol or sadan in our life.
    In many occasions we are got in conflicting situation where;1 Obadia feared man and God. Not making God higher than man.God who can kill and give life.
  • Ms D on 1 Kings 18
    Yahweh is God!
  • Nkamo Lesolame on 1 Kings 18
    He is the God Almighty, He turns impossibles to possibles. Trust in him, he will show you his face.
  • A.V boy on 1 Kings 18
    I appreciate all ur comment, keep on.
  • Dr mwangi on 1 Kings 18:26
    Theres no other God greater than the creator of heaven and earth who answers with fire
  • Maxwell on 1 Kings 18
    our God is all, able. only him is the Almighty
  • Eaglesrock on 1 Kings 18
    Major point There shall not be dew nor rain theses years, ACCORDING TO MY WORD. According to Gods word, I just convince you to what you are seeing is not real. According to my word. It doesn t say Gods word, It says my word. The point is when you stand before God, what happens does not happen because of Gods word. It happens because of your word. Because when you stand before God, your word becomes his word. Elijah said there will be no rain because of my word. Where are the Elijah in our churches that will get up and say there will not be abortion, there will not be homosexuality, the economy is going to turn around, you will not take my family, you will not take my Son or My daughter ACCORDING TO MY WORD. Thus saith me. I declare. Why? because I have made a Stand with God.
  • Louise Hogg on 1 Kings 18
    Verse 37 is fascinating. Asking The Lord to act not only so they will know The Lord IS God. But so they will know that He has ALREADY turned their hearts back to himself.
  • A.R. Cheatham on 1 Kings 18
    Our God is able time and time again he sets the table before us in the presence of my enemy our God Jehovah is awesome
  • Pastor Nicholas on 1 Kings 18
    I am much inspired by the comment many has made for 1 Kings chapter 18
  • Smith Adomola on 1 Kings 18
    This verse of the Bible has made me know that as a Christian What Ever we ask from GOD he will surely answer urs, if a man of God like Elijah prayed for good seven times b4 GOD answerd him. we as a Christian should lean never to give up in prayers.
  • Beverley Patricia Bruce on 1 Kings 18
    That God's word is always true and that God will come through for you.
  • SHAFFIN LLETA on 1 Kings 18

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