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  • Rod Allen
    Fascinating story. The area was one that abounded in naturally occurring naphtha. Note that Elijah was very keen to soak his bonfire in "water". My theory is that this was just this natural firelighter. One spark and whoosh! The lot went up. Very clever man, Elijah.
  • Stanjett
    Not a story, but a fact. He had them pour the water on. He didn't touch it.
  • Rod Allen
    OK, so he had other people pour naptha on. If you read the account in 2 Maccabees, chapter 1, verses 20-23 you will find the same phenomenon described, but at least in some translations the liquid is described as naphtha, and the method was given to the priests by Neemias, an emissary from the King of Persia. Naptha and its properties were well known to the Persians, who were fire-worshippers.
  • Kisembo
    God is great false prophets are real I have just observed we need to avoid and Identify them
  • BSP
    Verse 21~The people felt that they could have worship both ways, but Jehovah God deserves 100 percent.
  • Bruce
    Then the fire of the LORD fell, and consumed the burnt sacrifice, and the wood, and the stones, and the dust, and licked up the water that was in the trench.
    Surely God operates by and through His laws, for no other law is.
    Fire that consumes water and causes even stone to disappear shows that water contains abundant power. Perhaps we get a view here as to how the pyramid stones were shaped.
  • BSP
    Verse 40~This verse shows the results of idolatry and the hatred that Jehovah God has for idolatry.
  • Peter A. Okebukola
    Our God answereth by fire! It is curious that some roadside god will be contending with the creator of heaven and earth! Our omnipotent God showed His power and put baal to shame. Its worshipers got the treatment they deserve. Pray that God will keep showing His might in our lives to bring down the stronghold of satan and its cohorts.
  • Irene123
    ! Kgs. 17:1 - " ... there shall not be dew nor rain these yrs. ... "; 2 Kgs. - Isaiah
  • Stephen F. Zielski
  • Zebedee Amukanga
    When i went through the chapter i learned of three mainly things;Faith In God,conflict ion of man's faith in God and devil,problem,enemy or evil.
    Elijah stood for faith,Obadia;conflict ion of faith and Ahab;the problem,idol or sadan in our life.
    In many occasions we are got in conflicting situation where;1 Obadia feared man and God. Not making God higher than man.God who can kill and give life.
  • Ms D
    Yahweh is God!
  • Nkamo Lesolame
    He is the God Almighty, He turns impossibles to possibles. Trust in him, he will show you his face.
  • A.V boy
    I appreciate all ur comment, keep on.
  • Dr mwangi for verse 26
    Theres no other God greater than the creator of heaven and earth who answers with fire
  • Maxwell
    our God is all, able. only him is the Almighty
  • Eaglesrock
    Major point There shall not be dew nor rain theses years, ACCORDING TO MY WORD. According to Gods word, I just convince you to what you are seeing is not real. According to my word. It doesn t say Gods word, It says my word. The point is when you stand before God, what happens does not happen because of Gods word. It happens because of your word. Because when you stand before God, your word becomes his word. Elijah said there will be no rain because of my word. Where are the Elijah in our churches that will get up and say there will not be abortion, there will not be homosexuality, the economy is going to turn around, you will not take my family, you will not take my Son or My daughter ACCORDING TO MY WORD. Thus saith me. I declare. Why? because I have made a Stand with God.
  • Louise Hogg
    Verse 37 is fascinating. Asking The Lord to act not only so they will know The Lord IS God. But so they will know that He has ALREADY turned their hearts back to himself.
  • A.R. Cheatham
    Our God is able time and time again he sets the table before us in the presence of my enemy our God Jehovah is awesome
  • Pastor Nicholas
    I am much inspired by the comment many has made for 1 Kings chapter 18
  • Smith Adomola
    This verse of the Bible has made me know that as a Christian What Ever we ask from GOD he will surely answer urs, if a man of God like Elijah prayed for good seven times b4 GOD answerd him. we as a Christian should lean never to give up in prayers.
  • Beverley Patricia Bruce
    That God's word is always true and that God will come through for you.
  • VEERAVALLI PC RAO for verse 3
    Obadiah spent all his life time savings in addition to his own income from land & cattle to feed 100 prophets for 3 years with bread and water. In the present scenario a dollar per person a day is spent, Obadiah spent $109,500. 'O' What a great sacrifice!
  • Pamela Thompson
    I strongly believe that Elijah speaks to us as Christians today that our Father is light and there's no two ways about it.You cannot serve God and the devil.God says here that He's is a God who's all powerful and mighty.There's no other name but the name of Jesus by which man can be saved.Elijah is the modern day prophets in the church who's put to shame and silenced by Jezebel controlling spirits who want things done their way and not God's way.They lean on their flesh because of Pride and they don't depend on the Holy Spirit.God bless.
  • Esther
    thanks be to God: this chapter has lifted me to another level that God will hide me just the way obadiah hide Gods people in the cave somewhere save and God will feed me always and jazebel will never see me.The Lord will make jazebel wonder up and dowm praise be to God
  • Carol for verse 46
    By strength shall no man prevail. Man's strength is limiting but with God, all things are possible. A day of favour from God is more than a thousand years of man's labour! I receive grace for uncommon speed in Jesus' name!
  • v.21 Riding the fence. The Israelites of old did not abandon GOD. They wanted their cake to eat too. They wanted to assimilate the ALMIGHTY with baal who is none other but Lucifer and his world.
    GOD is a jealous GOD and he will not have any part time lovers, see Exodous 20:5. "you cannot serve GOD and mammon" you will always end up despising one one "side of the triangle". There is no need to lie to yourself-Psalms 15:2
    What will it be? Christ or Barrabas? GOD'S "well done" or the world's pat onthe back?
    What will GOD do to such in-the-name-only-christians who want to hold hands with the world? He will vomit you out of his mouth-Revelation 3:15 and then tell you to depart from HIM,that he never knew you-Matthew 25:41
    "Come now let us reason together,saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet,they shall be white as snow;though they be red as crimson,they shall be as wool.
  • Rev. Ron Garland for verse 44
    There had been a drought in the land. Just as there is a drought in the church today. I believe this is a prophecy to the church concerning the last days and the end time ministry of the church. Rain always represents the Holy Spirit. I believe the prophet saw the fivefold ministry returning to the Church. If you notice the King James Version says a cloud LIKE, not the size of, a man's hand. I have seen Rain clouds over the Gulf that appeared like the palm of a hand with fingers reaching down to the sea. The prophet saw 5 fingers representing the 5 fold ministry. The sea always represents people; and in this case, God's people, the church. Something to think about.
  • Amaechi
    Serving God most of the times will require us to stand alone, swimming against the tide. Elijah went against public opinion (popular opinion), standing alone to face 450 prophets of Baal. It is a great virtue we should all pray for grace to have.

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