1 Kings 1:23 MEANING

1 Kings 1:23
1:11-31 Observe Nathan's address to Bathsheba. Let me give thee counsel how to save thy own life, and the life of thy son. Such as this is the counsel Christ's ministers give us in his name, to give all diligence, not only that no man take our crown, Re 3:11, but that we save our lives, even the lives of our souls. David made a solemn declaration of his firm cleaving to his former resolution, that Solomon should be his successor. Even the recollection of the distresses from which the Lord redeemed him, increased his comfort, inspired his hopes, and animated him to his duty, under the decays of nature and the approach of death.And they told the king,.... Some that attended at the door, or were in the chamber:

saying, behold, Nathan the prophet; or he is in the room, which the king through his infirmities might not be sensible of:

and when he was come in before the king; nearer to him, and as to be properly in his presence:

he bowed himself before the king with his face to the ground; showing him the same reverence, though in bed, as if on his throne.

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