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  • Hem Larkin on 1 John 4
    Very nice and good to read
  • Shem daniel on 1 John 4
    this is awonderful topic about spiritually growth in life ,iam so much interest in these discussion.
  • LaSandra on 1 John 4
    No.man has seen God in the physical sense of the word, but when we look around us, we can see Him in all His creation! His love toward us is unconditional, although each of us are not perfect. That same type of love agape is commanded of us as believers in Him.
  • Orville Franklin on 1 John 4
    Moses saw the back of God as He passed by according to the Bible.He did not see Gods face. God Bless, Orville Franklin
  • MockingBird on 1 John 4
    When I love my brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ I am loving God and the Love of God is being perfected in me. The Love I show is my reflection of my Love for Jesus Christ. I am still learning to do this . Little by little I am learning this as I go on to know my Lord God !!!!
  • Vicki on 1 John 4
    Why would anyone need to see God? You have His word,and we are blessed with His presence in our lives.Think about all the little blinks He gives us every day!Thank You my Savior for all you do.
  • Christine on 1 John 4:12
    The commission of Jesus is to love one another and And care for one another When we help the least of them We did it on to him amen
  • Lilian on 1 John 4
    John 3:16 we must put this in our hearts for God is love therefore we must love one another. This is the second commandment that we have to obey. God's words are more powerful to meditate than prayers. Because of God's love to us we are saved by his Grace. Thanks be to Jesus for sheding his precious blood to us so that we all must have life in abundance. Keep praising Jesus and thanked him. Amen
  • Enedina Torres on 1 John 4
    I want to learn how to read the bible and learn from it.
  • Shaun canuel on 1 John 4
    If you do not believe in the truth about jesus the son of god. There is no love in you, because you are going by your own wisdom your own righteousness . christ died for all but you as an individual have to accept it. Just live by faith in believing
  • Francis on 1 John 4:4
    When one joins a VIP group one feels so honored and no one can temper with you. However the moment the VIP group is no longer there your respect disappears. The moment God moves out of us we are nothing, so the one in us, God makes us the VIP and the moment he leaves us the VIP status goes away.
  • KENNEDY NTIJE on 1 John 4:4
  • Awilda Rodriguez on 1 John 4
    Since I became a Christian I learned to genuine love people...I am free of judgements recognizing that everyone deserves God's forgiveness and mercy. Just as God loved me, I've learned to be at peace with others. Sometimes it's difficult but I am able to STOP myself and be reminded of His unconditional love and mercy towards me. We are all Sinners and fall short of the Glory of God!
  • Ndoh Cyprian Muh on 1 John 4
  • Ovoya john c on 1 John 4:4
    The world takes confidence in great strength or power and we do to as believers. it 's for this power that the world super power is sounding every where and the weaker nations and tribes feel inferior. Brethren this is the secret, we have a reason to shout, subdue, conquer and overtake territories for the power in us is greater than any other power in the world. Remember its not just greater than the power of your village, not just your tribe, not just your nation but the world. what a verse! oh jesus help me now
  • Noel Manes on 1 John 4
    I always love this PERFECT LOVE is GOD!!!!! That is all there is. What a great reality and exactly needed today and forever
  • Dahlia Daniels on 1 John 4
    I Thank God For His Teaching because he is a man that will not LIE if you really embrace this chapter you would understand why confession is important it is the beginning of your Cleansing in order to submit yourself to GOD in order to conquer your STRUGGLES.THAT 'S WHY LOVE COVER 'S ALL ITS being like CHRIST
  • Darren James James on 1 John 4
    To love one another throug the eyes of jesus in us threw him as we abide in his love it over flows in spirit and truth that remains in us love conquers all he first loved us so we could love others in flesh l fail in spirit and truth l win all praise to the love of god perfected for me to share with others bye his love come on poor it out let flow and receive a gift to life Amen
  • Quinta on 1 John 4:4
    It is good to know that God has given me power over the enemy even when the devil thought he had me God had greater plans for my life.News flash devil you should killed me when you had a chance now that I have meet greater no devil in hell can stop my relationship with God. Thank you Jesus
  • Jeanette on 1 John 4:8
    God is love. To be a child of the most high God we must be able to love oneanother as Christ has love us and has giving his life for us with out love their is no compassion ,forgiveness ,with out it love we are nothing. We must know God love in order to reflect his love.
  • Lilian on 1 John 4
    Jesus loves us so much and he will never stop loving us. Thanks to Jesus for his precious blood, his resurrection, his ascension and thanks God for giving us the Holy Spirit. Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not with your own understanding. Everything is possible with Christ love God with all your heart and soul all things that you need will be added unto you. Amen
  • Peter on 1 John 4:4
    Its an assurance to me that the one in me makes me strong to overcome the enemy in the world
  • Margaret Holt on 1 John 4
    I love this scripture because it tells me not to fear for God is truly with me, he loves me and that with him there is nothing to fear. It also tells a lost or back slider that there is hope for a new life a better life in Jesus who made it all possible on the cross.
  • GREGORY PRINCE on 1 John 4
    i believe lived a long time and was a true eyewitness of of Jesus
  • Tonya on 1 John 4
    If Christ abides in us we should abide in him also, having no respect of person just as Christ. Loving one another inspite of how they mis treat you and praying for them that dispitefully misuse you
  • Ray ortiz on 1 John 4:15
    That verse is saying that you confess that Jesus is the Son of God and he dwelleth in you, you are saved. GOD be the Glory.
  • Gail on 1 John 4
    The Lord wants us to love one another as he loves us. We as christians have to be careful how we treat each other.
  • MockingBird on 1 John 4:15
    I believe that Jesus is the Son of God . I am always striving to have I and my Lord Jesus working together toward a working fellowship . Therefore I say the same thing that He says in His word and with help of Holy Spirit within I am obeying and submitting to His will.
  • Fredrick on 1 John 4:15
    To agree with what God has done
  • Paul l simmons on 1 John 4
    I think that the fact that you have seen the evil of your brother is what brings you to have anger and sometime hatred towards him

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