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  • Dan
    1:5 God is light and in him is no darkness at all 3:24 and he that keepeth his commandments God dwelleth in him and he in God 3:23 And this is his Commandment that we believe on the name of his son Jesus Christ .....And love one another as he gave commandment God is light and those that keep these commandments dwell in him and he dwells in them this is fellowship being literally one with God if we walk in darkness means you are someone who does not keep these commandments and are outside of God 4:15 whosoever shall confess that Jesus is the son of God God dwelleth in him And he in god

  • Paul
    I am so thankful that the word is dependable an we see the gift of restoration and a provision that we can walk right in Jesus even when we blow it.
  • Lily
    The word is telling us that Jesus is that everlastiing light. There is no darkness in Him. There is no fellowship with darkness ( satan and his demons) and GOD. Since the father,son and Holy Ghost are one and there is no sin in Him, sin does not abide. Even when we are saved through the power of the Holy Ghost we have sinned. We do not intentionally sin but we are still in the flesh. If someone say that they have not sinned since they received the Holy Ghost they are a liar and the truth is not in them. We don't intentionally sin. We now have an advocater Jesus Christ that is our mediator between us and GOD, and no one can go to the father except Jesus Christ. We stive for perfection and look to and live each day as if it is the day Jesus is coming back for His church without a spot or blemish.
    i want to know more about gods word
  • Breia for verse 9
    it is the truth my salvation through Jesus Christ
  • Linda
    What a wonderful truth, that we can have fellowship with the Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ! And, just as awesome, we can have eternal life!! 1 John inspires me to want to live a righteous life, and, with the help of Jesus, I can. Walk in the Light,as He is the Light.
  • Trent
    1 John chapter 1 only has 10 verses. You can search other Bible sites online and find the same # of verses. What version do you have that has more?
  • Phyllis
    I read the Scripture each morning and today, the Scripture is 1 John 12-13? 1t John 12 only goes to verse 12? Must be a publication problem. Dr. Charle Stanly end monthly scripture and I am alway urpried when I find these errors.
  • Dwayne Athey
    i love the hol bible im a pracher im useing the bible onlin to help me out

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