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  • Mwiya zaza
    This is the whole truth from Paul! We are have sinned the law demand that a sinner must die but praise be to God we are justified by Jesus christ who tells us to go proudly to the thrown of Grace that we might recieve mercy to help us in our times of need.
  • Thulani for verse 9
    that true every believer of the bible must says what the bible says when it's stop that where you must stop also do u believer that .
  • Tom T. for verse 3
    1 John 1
    The Word of God which was from the beginning with God and is God, was made known to us in the flesh. John said that what we have heard, seen, looked upon and handled is the Word of Life.
    For the life was made known to us, from the Father; that what we have seen and heard was declared to you that we may have fellowship with you also; because truly we can fellowship together with you because we are one with the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. John tells us that we can have joy by knowing the truth and that our joy may be full. This then is the message from John that he declares to us; that God is light and in Him is no darkness at all.
    If we do not walk in darkness but walk in the light then we can have fellowship with God and with one another, because we are then Cleansed from sin being washed in the blood of Jesus Christ.
  • Moses for verse 9
    I Love my Daddy(Father, Jesus, Holy spirit) - Who forgave all my sin once for all and i am completely free............
  • Themba for verse 10
    we mus keep on asking forgiveness from God in our daily basis because we sometimes do sins unintentionally
  • God is light and when we follow after righteous then we must reflect the light. Oh that we as his children dearly beloved would purge our lives of the deeds of darkness since in Him is no darkness at all. Let the glorious church arise and shine for now our salvation is nearer than when we first believed.
  • W G F for verse 9
    The word if sets the condition for us to receive forgiveness not for God's faithfulness or justice. God is faithful and God is just. Whether we confess our sins or not. Those who choose to confess should know that they are forgiven, thus redeemed by the blood of Christ by grace through faith in His name. Those who do not believe by grace through faith in His name are not forgiven and therefore are condemned to eternal punishment. When we confess our sins do not simply mean to acknowledge that we have sinned but to repent of our sins. Confession is good for the soul. Thus, our conscience is pure before God because His word purifies us and the blood of Christ justifies our right standing with God.
  • Damien williams
    all men have sinned and fallen short... when we look at being born again or who is a christian Jesus reminds us not to judge a tree by what its called but by the fruit it bares many call themselves christians and any who do will sin hut there are some qho are not with God in their hear it is written with their lips they do serve ne but their hearts are far from me what john writes about here in this begining is for all to walk honestly with God and self if i take a penny that is not my own i stole i decieve myself by noy acknowledging it because of the amount sin stays because its is in darkness unconfessed lied about then the blood of jesus cannot clease us and we die in it but light confession allows God to deal wih it just as it would frustrate a parent who catches a child one thing they want is for th child to realize wrong so they can 1) understand consequence or judgement 2) understand why not to do so " in all thy getting get understanding" thw holy spirit will put us in remembrance and convitct we can ignore even to the poin where he will no longer operate and leage because sin abounds... love and mercy when we know we are unworthy creatures we can treat others will love and compassion like if there were someone who paid for your meal whe. u realized u left ur wallet home when another comes and says let me tell u what happened u wouldnt say to u r so irresponsible u wud share ur story and build each other in it so we have to remember the light saw our dirt so the gay frind obviously was offended and left all in all she has to come to the light of Gods soverignty to confess her lifestyle goes againat his will ...hard yes but his way according to his word is how it is those of us who are saved have to embrace her how she is so the holy spirit can work lest any man boast...
  • Joe
    to Dennis Clough, the epistle of 1John was address to the church for edification. So then it was address to the christian that they may continue in the light (verse 7), because after you got saved, it is a gradual process to grow more about His word, and sometime we got out of the way and going back again where we are supposed to be. But then how about if we can't, because of worldly pleasure? If you are saved like the just Lot (Abraham's nephew) nobody knows, it is a matter between you and Jesus. John's epistle gave us recollection of our faith, cause even do we are saved, but still we are subject to sin, and living in this corruptible body. If you didn't commit the things written in verse 10 you make God a liar and His word is not in you. Hope you don't be disappointed, because His word it was written for you and for me. God forgives and forgets our many sins EVERYDAY.
  • Stephen Cook
    read 2Peter2, revelations says many will depart the faith in the end, some renounce to not suffer. But if I am to suffer,I would rather suffer now than suffer for eternity.
  • Stephen Cook
    All can still sin. It is the decissions that we make, that take us to the throne room or to the place of eternal torment.It is written that many will depart from the faith, just like Korah in the Old Testament. He believed in GOD when the destoyer passed over the homes that had the blood applied to the lintel and the doorposts. The WORD says that every home in Eygpt at least one person died. Then when they went through the Red Sea on dry ground vand when the Egyptians came after them and every man was drowned in the sea, they knew that ELOHIM/GOD delivered them. Yet Korah stood against Moses and the ground clave open and swallowed them up alive into Hell or the Pit. They were born again with the blood on the doorpost and on the lintle, and baptized in the Holy Spirit, going through the Red Sea.The Blood saves us the baptism gives us the Hoy Spirit. BUT make no mistake, you still have a free will. Judas and the other 11 went out 2x2 and came back and said, in your name we cast out demons,healed the sick. Judas betrayed YESHUA/JESUS for money,JESUS said it would have been better that, that man had never been born.
  • Jeff
    to Dennis Clough's comment "new nature in the Christian cannot sin" what, what about the Vatican in all those child abuse scandals? Have they not sinned are they not Christian? Hitler was a Christian too, did he not sin? What exactly do you mean?
    Also another comment you said "God's word is in Christians forever and cannot be driven out" I have a friends who were Christians who became atheist (because she was gay)t. What happened there then?
  • Dennis Clough for verse 10
    Contrary to popular views, this verse cannot be directed toward Christians. God's word is in Christians forever and cannot be driven out. Besides, the new nature in the Christian cannot sin.
  • Doris Early
    Confession is agreeing with everything God has said about Man and the depravity of man. We, as born again children of God, should keep short sin accounts with the and through the Lord Jesus. We have more Omission sin that we have Commission of SIN.Before we are saved we are in SIN ....when we come to Jesus he liberates us of the SIN DEBT. Then as Born again children of God we are to try to stay in fellowship with the the Lord....Reading the Word ofGod and keep the account short of our trespasses.
  • Minister J. McILwain
    God is not like man. Man will never let you forget what sin you might have commented. Man will spread the news. Not so much good news, only the bad. But if your sincere and ask God for forgiveness, He will be faithful and just and willing to forgive and your trespass will not be remembered.
  • Ngozi.igbojionu
    As a child of God you should acknowledge your sins,confess them for God is ever ready to forgive.
  • Doris Early
    1John teaches me that...That a person is able to KNOW that they are saved It's not hope so ...We can have the eassurance of our salvation...therefore having Peace of God.
  • Evangelist Paul Postovoit
    Amen Our sins of omission are greater then our sins commission.
  • Richard cook
    It tells me that God almighty with all His mercy through His word that came to us in the form of man Jesus Christ and was seen and wittness of by many that He died and was raised from the dead to give us eternal life through His blood that He shed. By confessing our sins and recieving our faith through Christ we have fellowship with God the father and by confessing our sin and be true to it our lives show a change and we do not follow after the things of this world. We are cleansed of all our unrigteousness and able to walk in fellowship with Christ our saviour who saved us from our sin.
  • Richard cook for verse 9
    With God being perfect and can not change and being full of mercy and goodness where he is no respector of any man and He rains on the just and the unjust what makes us different is we trust in Jesus who died for all who will confess there sin and He is our justification for eternal life with Him. God can not lie this is His promise to us who believes and trust in Christ.
  • Doris early
    As a child of God thru Jesus Christ We can go directly to Jesus and ask forgiveness. We sometimes let time go by and the list gets a little long. Our sins of OMISSION are usually greater than our sins of COMMISSIONS.
  • Sherma Philip
    1 john 1,Teaches you the way to live your life,in the way that is pleasing in Gods sight,walking in the light,or walking in the darkness,which one will you choose,will you do the thing of the world,or walk in the spirit. The way that will get you close to God, I choose the spirit.
  • Ritabible
    Jesus is the light, by confessing our sins we become one with him. He in the Father, the Father in Him, we are now one with the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, Amen, Amen?
  • Cuddlz24
    Anonymous...the NIV has close to 36,000 changes in it from the King James. If you really want to confuse someone, ask them to read different versions and compare them. Step back and try and ask yourself if God would be pleased with all the differing "Bibles". Would that serve God's purpose or confound it? Or would it confound Satan's purpose or serve his agenda to have differing versions of it? There is only one Living Word, Jesus. Does it not make sense that there would only be one Written Word? To put things in perspective, Rupert Murdoch, who owns Fox Television, owns the copyright to the NIV. Do you think he has your best interests in mind, moreso than your Father does? The King James Version is the only Bible with no copyright on it. Be very careful of the advice you give others. God will be gracious and merciful to those who sincerely seek him out. The King James Bible will get easier to read as one perseveres through it. I ask the Holy Spirit to help me understand and enlighten me before each reading, and since he's the one who inspired it who better to ask to guide you! God Bless,
  • Caleb
    From the text in 1 John 1, "saying" always gets us into spiritual trouble because it is the proffering of our opinions and God will have none of this. However, the only acceptable utterance before God is "confessing". This is indeed a great revelation!
  • Midge
    Jesus is the light and in him is no darkness If we follow him and by faith that same light is in us ;Jesus is in us He's not a God a far off. I;m thankful i can just oull up The Word anywhere I;m at.
  • Henok
    As the bible is a good way to communicate with God,having the chance to do that easily is prefereble.and that is what you are doing for the users.you have my gratitudes.
  • Bridgette
    I am so excited to find the Bible online. Because when I am busy with work and don't have time to go home and read the bible I can read it here.
    *Walk in the light as he is in the light.
  • Anonymous
    Hello Patty G., just know that the Lord loves us who love him and is here to offer love and care to all who come to him for comfort. Because these are dangerous time, please find or buy a Bible that can share the words of God like the NIV version because it explains to you the truth and then read the King James version for the final word in the langauge of the lord. I start with one the NIV because it helps me understand, and then I read it again from the God's words to make sure what I read is what he said.
  • Dan
    1:5 God is light and in him is no darkness at all 3:24 and he that keepeth his commandments God dwelleth in him and he in God 3:23 And this is his Commandment that we believe on the name of his son Jesus Christ .....And love one another as he gave commandment God is light and those that keep these commandments dwell in him and he dwells in them this is fellowship being literally one with God if we walk in darkness means you are someone who does not keep these commandments and are outside of God 4:15 whosoever shall confess that Jesus is the son of God God dwelleth in him And he in god

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