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  • Danny on 1 John 1
    I read this chapter every night before going to bed. It gives me great comfort and allows me to sleep more comfortably. I specifically like 1st John 1: 9. If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. What a very comforting thought to know the God of Heaven will listen and forgive us. Praise be to God.
  • Sharon on 1 John 1
    Gods word is certainly beautiful
  • Geraldine Cole on 1 John 1
    What a wonderful word a word that will left up our spirits to give us hope that we are very much love by the Lord Jesus Amen
  • Dania Pilier on 1 John 1
    It says that God sends rain to both the good and bad. How merciful is he!!
  • Kathie on 1 John 1
    Well, I absolutely love John. His words so very pure and rightly professed. Amazing life; he has so very much to say to us today. God amazes me more
  • Charlotte Cotton on 1 John 1
    We are to live in the light, the ways of Christ without sin, why if we sin we can confess our sins to God and we are forgiven. Not be in pride to much to say I am wrong Lord please forgive me. If we confess our sins to God he will forgive us and cleanse us of All unrighteousness.
  • Chanda on 1 John 1
    Iam edified
  • Wayne on 1 John 1
    Verse 7. It is great to know that the blood of Jesus His Son cleanseth us from sin.
  • Victor Thompson on 1 John 1
    God is good. I find John's writing to be so refreshing, concise and encouraging. God is good!
  • Bernard on 1 John 1
    Am rilly touched
  • David Rax on 1 John 1
    god is so wounderfull that he gave us his rules or commandments in order for us to be saved and enter the kingdom of god.he is a very wounderful.
  • Thomas W. Watson on 1 John 1
    We all need to really strive to walk upright daily so that God will be pleased while we walk in his light beautiful light

  • Addis on 1 John 1
    I believe if we have a real fellowship with God the father and Jesus, we would want to live righteous because we want to sin no more. So, our sinfull nature would make us continue to sin but we are forgiven of all past, present and future sins and we just have to have real repentance each time we sin. Our fellowhip with God will makevus hate to sin.
  • Theresa Patterson on 1 John 1
    If we are in the light there is peace, truth and love and joy in the light and we have fellowship with the Lord Jesus Christ. That is something Iam longing for.
  • Betty Clapper on 1 John 1
    God is the way and the truth,
  • Greg shea on 1 John 1
    Please pray for me
  • Ajay masih on 1 John 1
    God bless you all
  • Adjei on 1 John 1
    l love jesus
  • Adelani solomon on 1 John 1:9
    jesus died for our future sins.he died wen those living now were nt yet born.confessing ones sin means humility n an agreement wt christ provision,as all our sins are taken care for.1John 2:1-2
  • Theresa Kippers on 1 John 1
    Galatians 6 chapter will explain this very well
  • Mine' on 1 John 1
    God sent his Son to save us from sin. He gave his Son for the sins of the world. Jesus did not die in vain. Sin separated us form God. Sin is every evil thing imaginable. God hates sin. The payment for sin is death. But Jesus laid down His Life for His Friends. God by His mercy and His love for us sent Jesus. Jesus came to do the Father's will. Should we continue in sin, knowing that Jesus died once and dyes no more? But if we sin, God is just to forgive us of our sin. 2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, will humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. will heal them The wages of sin is death. the payment of sin is death We must walk according to our calling that God has set before us. We must finish the race. Not looking back, but looking forward unto Jesus the prize that is set before us.
  • John madden on 1 John 1:5
    Walking in the light is following christ.walking in the dark is folliwing sin.if we are walking in liveing in the light we will be in communion with god and then we are cleansed from all sin .liveing in darkness is walking with out god he is light and dwells not in the dark
  • John madden on 1 John 1:5
    This is the message it from Him.god is in the light he is holy .if we want to have communion with him we must walk in the light..follow him not sin
  • John madden on 1 John 1:6
    If were in the dark guess who ant thier..?..god..he is light. He dont have communion with darkness ..this is not class 101..but basic truth Darkness is fellowship with evil
  • Esther on 1 John 1
    I really love that quote
  • Dan on 1 John 1
    verse 3 says they have fellowship with the father and his son Jesus Christ and their desire is that we may also have that same fellowship with them. verse 5 says God is Light and in him is no Darkness at all in 3:23 your given two commandments one is to believe on the name of his son Jesus Christ and 2 is to love one another as he gave commandment verse 3:24 says that if you keep these commandments then God who is light will dwell in you and you will dwell in him if you walk in darkness you are not keeping his commandments then he there for does not dwell in you and you have no fellowship with him and are a liar 2 :22 says Who is a liar but he that denies that Jesus is the Christ he is anti Christ that denies the father and the son then you have no fellowship with god and are walking in darkness because god does not dwell in you 1:7 says that if you walk in the the light meaning you keep his commandments then he dwells in you and you have fellowship with him and his son you might have missed that it says fellowship one with another
  • John madden on 1 John 1:6
    We cant abide in darkness if we are God's children because in him is no darkness at all. If we say dont live in the lite were living in darkness.
  • Dd on 1 John 1
    Is God able to forgive all my unrighteousness? If someone gets an unbiblical divorce, and is remarried is God able to forgive this sin?
  • Steve on 1 John 1:9
    I believe that we must confess all our sins to God. I don 't believe that this falls under works. I believe this is out of love for what Christ has done for us on the cross and to repent of our sins which is to turn from sin and to turn to God. This is not works this is choice. We do this out of conviction of our sin because God is in us.

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