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  • Lonnie
    I am using this passage on a friend who is currently pretending that everything is wonderful. Hidden sin is keeping her in misery. I learned that confessing is taking out the trash. If you do not, the trash remains inside and it will smell, and even make the place the visage look bad.
  • Bill
    A believer lives righteously to the extent he is abiding in Christ Who lives within the realm of that believer s righteous spirit . In fact, John 1 " class="tooltip-bible">1 John 1:9 makes it clear that a believer s soul can be cleansed of all unrighteousness! Therefore, it is possible for a believer to live consistently righteous i.e., perfect , to the extent his heart is clean of sin John 1 " class="tooltip-bible">1 John 1:7.
  • Peter
    the way of God is love life you need to safe your mine and let God move
  • Issak for verse 7
    People think that because the Lord died for our sins, they have "carte Blanche " to go on sining ways.it is like the Lord pays for our past present and future sins I am ok going practicing sinful ways, but remember when people came to the Lord saying ! oh Lord forgive my sins...! then Jesus will say your sins are forgiven....but just before they where out of the door he will add " now go and sin no more "....!!
  • MockingBird for verse 7
    Sin does not effect your relationship with God you will always be His child sin will mess up your fellowship with God and others around you. You lose closeness with God and others. But we can get it back when we confess our sins and turn from them through the Blood of Jesus and confessing our wrong Yes God knows what I did , But He wants us to acknowledge it for ourselves . He wants us me to be honest and open with Him and myself . Praise God for His wonderful gift. He doesn 't throw me out when I sin. I am learning to run to Him when I mess up.
  • Gilbert
    That means all was written through eye witness
  • Tony
    The first chapter of I John is directed to those in the church "Gnostic " who didn 't believe in the material body of Christ and therefore, deeds done in the flesh never amounted to sin, because we are immaterial. I Jn. 1 9 is not directed to Christians. Once Christ forgave me of my sins at the cross, it included past, present and future. Read I Jn. 2 12 John declared that the Christians were forgiven. If ever I am not forgiven, then I am under wrath. That my friend can never happen. Christ bore it all.
  • Eaglesrock
    Brian Harvey is right. John 1 " class="tooltip-bible">1 John 1 is about broken fellowship, not relationship. When we sin we don 't need to get save again, we just need to restore fellowship.
  • Larry for verse 9
    The comments were inlighting, If we are true to ourselves,and confess that hidden, seceret sin,He will forgive us,no matter what He is faithful and just, He will always keep His promise. You will feel better knowing that you have been cleansed and set free. No one else can do this for you but Christ. Be Blessed
  • Revy
    Am so much encouraged that no one on Earth is clean.hence if i confess my sins i will be forgiven...Thank you LORD.
  • Brenda
    John chapter reminds me of a most high and powerful GODD that we serve. I had to remove myself from others in order to walk in the light. The fellowship within my brothers and sisters has been broken. Knowing and accepting LORD JESUS CHRIST died for our sins, The Light will wipe away the darkness. Faith conquers all.
  • James for verse 9
    jesus died for our salvation healing and forgiveness but we have to appropriate salvation by receiving jesus.it is not an automatic.people who say I don 't have to confess my sins must also believe that they are saved since jesus provided it don 't have to receive jesus.this is error you are healed saved forgiven but you have to make a withdrawal by acting confessing sin.faith without works is dead reply to Arthur comments
  • Ikpa Justus for verse 9
    God I know I am a sinner,please forgive me my sins and lead me closer to Jesus christ your beloved son. I 'm truly sorry for my sins
  • Preacher
    Brian, you must submit yourself to God, then He will fight your battles for you. God tells us that if we will submit to Him we can resist the devil and he will flee.
  • Brian Harvey for verse 9
    This verse is about the problem of broken fellowship and this should not to be confused with sonship. As a child of God through the new birth I am eternally His child. Just as I am a child in the Harvey family forever. There were times though my fellowship was broken or strained when I was sinful or unappreciated my parents. The same is possible with God or brothers or sisters It 's then I need to be humble and honest and self examination with the help of the holy spirit tells me I am wrong. Then I obtain restoration by owning up to my sin my pride my faults, and enjoy the fellowship once again. I belive that if you read the chapter and ask does this fit with the rest ofcthe chapter and contextually is this explanation a fit? You can accept or dismiss this conclusion, moreover practice it! Behold what manner of love the Father has set before us that we should be called the children of God.
  • James Padilla for verse 5
    God is light and in Him is no darkness at all. To walk in the light is to walk transparantly in the full exposure of His light allowing no darkness, no unrighteousness to go unchecked in our hearts and actions. To walk in the light does not necessarly mean that we are perfect in our intentions or actions but that when we hamartia miss the mark sin, we quickly look to the source where the glory of God is manifested, namely the cross of Christ where our sin and shame are not only exposed but judged and separated as far as the east is from the west. We now have nothing to hide, and while I may readily confess that I am a sinner I can also boldly say that I am justified and accounted righteous. This is how we walk in the light, and thus walk in God who is light. For in Him we live and move and have our being.
  • Tuffour Johnson for verse 9
    Jesus always love me
  • John
    Once we are saved, positionally we never sin, however, we have an enemy the flesh to fight the good fight of faith. This means we have choices with out condemnation. The confession of our sins is necessary to continue to have fellowship with our Blessed Savior. We will sin! however the more we practice the Word, the more we will overcome! Remember in Ezekiel He says I will put my Spirit within you and cause you to do my Statutes and you shall do my Judgements. For the one that needs deliverance on your addiction. Demand that it go out of your body in Jesus name! He gave us the power and authority over theses sins to leave and be healed James 5th chapter
  • Bible boy
    Praise the lord that he shall protect us from all the evils in the world and that he shall protect our family from the temptations and prepare a place in heaven for us all,
  • Brian for verse 10
    I have excepted his son,it was very glorious but since then I have went back to the past life of an addict. I know I 'm in the wrong, I want to live for Him but I 'm hidered by my addiction. What must I do to overcome? pray for me.
  • Vidash for verse 5
    God is the only one we should worship. John 3 16 says God so love the world that he gave himself to be crucify because of Me and you sins.
  • Sarah kobe
    I believe that god has something good for all of us if we simply believe and stand firm in the word because every solution is in the word and we also have to trust in his will because the will of god will never take you to a place wer the grace of god will never protect you and i believe that in every pain i have went through this year god has something good for me and his planns are better than our dreams.Thank lord for the love and protection you give me daily
  • Moses Njenga for verse 9
    Don "t celebrate yet at my fall my enemies, for when I fall I will rise, thank you LORD for taking care of my sins past, present and future Halleliyah
  • Dharam for verse 9
    This is a wonderful promise from God to all believers. Though we are born again we still have the sin nature which is the flesh. So God in his infinite wisdom has provided a way of escape for us. That if we ask for his forgiveness he will forgive us.
  • Faithful and just is our God. He will do just what He said He will do. If we turn our hearts to His Son Jesus and tell Him all that we have done, humbling ourselves before His mighty hand and crying some tears, God is quick to forgives us. He is a fair God. He will not hold our sins against us. What 's more, He doesn 't bring our past back up to us ever. Finally, through Jesus, God will cleanse us and purge us from all filthiness of the flesh. And all that we once were will be forgotten. We will be clean through the Word.
  • MockingBird for verse 9
    I believe that that scripture is saying that I must acknowledge my sin by confessing it to God although He already knows I have sinned I must recognize my sin by confessing it and asking forgiveness and turn from that sin and then God will forgive me and cleanse me from it. Praise God for His gift of forgiveness and cleansing with the blood of Jesus Christ.
  • Dan
    God is Light verse 5 If we keep his commandments God who is Light will dwell in us and we will dwell in God who is Light John 1 " class="tooltip-bible">1 Jn 3 24 And this is his commandment that we believe Jesus is his Son And love one another as he gave commandment John 1 " class="tooltip-bible">1 Jn 3 22 If we say that we have fellowship with God and walk in darkness meaning we do not keep his commandments we lie John 1" class="tooltip-bible">1Jn 2 22 Who is a liar but he that denies Jesus is the Christ meaning he is not the Son of God He is antichrist who denies both the Father and the Son John 1 " class="tooltip-bible">1 Jn 1 7 But if we walk in God the Light As he is in God the Light we have fellowship One with Another thats two meaning him and his son Jesus not one another meaning everyone
  • Olabode for verse 9
    Sin is something that can bring separation between us and God.Isai.59 1 2. prob. says he that covers his sins shall not prosper. Our God is faithful and just. He was encouraging us in Isa.1 10 that we should come and let us reason together, though our sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow, red as crimson,they shall be as wool. if we can come unto him and acknowledge that, we have sinned and confess with our mouth, humble ourselves, pray, seek his face and turn from our wicked ways, he is just and faithful to forgive all our sins and cleanse us from all our unrighteousness.
  • Chimezie Henry
    John 1 " class="tooltip-bible">1 jn 1 tells us of God 's love,his forgiving nature, and ever source of light that we need. It is by confessing Him as our Lord that this light will shine on us. Never to wonder in darkness is to carefully avoid the occassions of sin for the scripture says nothing unclean would make it to the kingdom. Thus let us be light as Christ is without compromise.
  • Dan
    God is light ! Jn 5 If we keep his Commandments John 1 " class="tooltip-bible">1 Jn 3 23 God who is light will dwell in us and we will dwell in him John 1" class="tooltip-bible">1Jn 3 24 if i keep his commandments it is imposible to walk in darkness for i have fellowship one with another with him and his son Jesus Christ the same fellowship they had The fellowship there talking about has to do with this blending with us and God Fellowship is not friendship

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