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7/26/2022, 7:35am by "Streetpreacher": Benson Commentary on 1 John 4:1 Because the Gnostics and other heretics, in the first age, to gain the greater credit to their erroneous doctrines, assumed to themselves the character and authority of inspired teachers, John put his disciples in mind, (1 John 2:27) that they had an unction from the Holy Spirit, by which they were enabled to judge with certainty, both of teachers and of their doctrine. He therefore, in this chapter, commands them not to believe rashly every teacher who pretended to be inspired, but to try the inspiration by which any preacher professed to speak, whether it was from God or from evil spirits; that after trial they might know whom it was their duty to attend to, and whom they ought to disregard and reject. And to secure them, as far as possible, from being deceived, he especially desires them to consider whether the teacher, who came to them, pretending to inspiration, held the great and fundamental doctrines of the gospel, which all the teachers, really inspired of God, regularly and uniformly maintained. His words may be paraphrased as follows: Believe not every spirit - By which any teacher is, or professes to be, actuated: or, believe not every teacher who pretends to be inspired by the Spirit of God; but try the spirits - Namely, whether they are of God - By the rule which God hath given. We are to try all spirits by the written word: To the law and to the testimony! If any man speak not according to these, the spirit which actuates him is not of God. Because many false prophets Or false teachers; are gone forth into the world - With an intention to draw disciples after them. [This is really relevant to these days we're living in. I had to run it by a commentary, but it's all good]

7/25/2022, 3:47am by "Super trooper": 1 John 4:1 They don't come out and say it , they actually will agree with it , but their doctrine reveals their errors . They spiritualize Christ in their doctrines to the neglect of His humanity , therefore another Christ that apostle Paul warned us about . If you post this it's a miracle to me . Peace to the truth in spirit . Amen

1/25/2021, 12:35pm by "Truth seeker": Yes Jesus is the way to God . Read gospel of John anyone that is interested in this all important subject of Jesus and the Father . Chapter 12 to chapter 17 , may the Lord find you and reveal the truth to you , we all are still learning . Press on !

1/25/2021, 8:59am by "A son": Jesus said a man must be born again , yet Jesus was not born again , he was born once in Bethlehem and needed not to be born again , because he was and is the Son of God . Jesus had access to the father by his birth of the Father and also Mary . This is how he can say he is the door to God , and no man can come to God but through him . He and his father are one in that way . But the disciple and others can not understand this . Jesus death on the cross for sins past made the way possible to approach God , the first step , Jesus is the door to God for all men because of his relationship to God . No sin ever between Jesus and God . I suppose there is so much that could be said . But when you know Jesus and how he brings you to God it's not hard to understand.It makes more sense when experiencing coming to God through Jesus . I hope this helps someone . Jesus is the Son of God and can bring you to God the father ! Amen!

1/24/2021, 5:46pm by "Truth seeker": If we believe that Jesus is the Son of God it's because God enables us to do that . It's not a mental convent only . Many just can not understand that being the Son of God means that he comes from God and is of God and not of this world in a spiritual way , yet he was a true man by virgin birth . He was empowered by God in a way that was intimate and beyond any mans knowing of before . He demonstrated it so often , like walking on water , calming storms , going through walls , etc etc He had a relationship with the father before the world because God is before the world was . Truly the Son of God and empowered by God , and so much more , yet Still the Son of God and no more . God is still God the same as he always was and will be . Jesus is given the highest place at Gods right hand as Gods first Son . Do not confuse who Jesus is , that could be another Jesus if you are not careful . The truth bears witness , we can know God and Jesus whom God is in by birth , and we can have this same fellowship As Jesus prayed in the garden before his crucifixion. Yes the devil try's to confuse who Jesus is and yet , God is still able to draw us to him . If God be for us who can be against us ? None . Jesus is the Son of God .

4/21/2015, 2:10pm by "Ray ortiz": That verse is saying that you confess that Jesus is the Son of God and he dwelleth in you, you are saved. GOD be the Glory.

4/21/2015, 3:37am by "MockingBird": I believe that Jesus is the Son of God . I am always striving to have I and my Lord Jesus working together toward a working fellowship . Therefore I say the same thing that He says in His word and with help of Holy Spirit within I am obeying and submitting to His will.

4/21/2015, 12:43am by "Fredrick": To agree with what God has done

7/31/2014, 9:23am by "Marty": We all know we can confess with our mouth ,but is our life a confession that we really believe

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