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10/04/2020, 11:11pm by "stanjett": NO. Just say God bless this food. Add what ever else you want to pray for.

10/04/2020, 10:26am by "Paul": My ? , are their consequences by not taking the lords supper knowingly or not. Thank you

2/09/2015, 5:48am by "Iyanu": Jesus Christ is the Light John1:4 . Waliking in the light means to walk in Jesus Christ. Waliking in Jesus Christ means to walk in the Holy Spirit and not in flesh darkness . As Christ is in the light Holy Spirit , we are connected and made one by the Holy Spirit in Christ in God John 17:21 and the blood of Jesus cleanse us from all errors, mistakes, confessed and forsaken sins Not sin not forsaken Romans6:1

12/14/2014, 8:02am by "issak": People think that because the Lord died for our sins, they have "carte Blanche " to go on sining ways.it is like the Lord pays for our past present and future sins I am ok going practicing sinful ways, but remember when people came to the Lord saying ! oh Lord forgive my sins...! then Jesus will say your sins are forgiven....but just before they where out of the door he will add " now go and sin no more "....!!

12/14/2014, 5:11am by "MockingBird": Sin does not effect your relationship with God you will always be His child sin will mess up your fellowship with God and others around you. You lose closeness with God and others. But we can get it back when we confess our sins and turn from them through the Blood of Jesus and confessing our wrong Yes God knows what I did , But He wants us to acknowledge it for ourselves . He wants us me to be honest and open with Him and myself . Praise God for His wonderful gift. He doesn 't throw me out when I sin. I am learning to run to Him when I mess up.

4/07/2014, 7:39pm by "Tommy": When we accept Christ we are walking in the light, we do not have to do any works to stay in the light and if we are saved we can never walk in darkness no matter what we do but we are capable of committing dark acts but we are not able to ever get out of Gods light once we accept Christ. our sinful actions cannot take us out of the light I know,i know, it makes the devil and some Christians mad that my sinning will not keep me out of heaven

3/11/2014, 11:41pm by "Cornelia": This portion of scripture offers a solution to or shows why there is disunity in the local churches It is because we are not walking in the light Jesus If you have to or more persons following marching instructions left right left right for as long as they follow the instructions they will automatically be in the same timing one with another

1/24/2014, 2:38am by "Faleye Olaniyi Oluwatayo": This passage of the scripture is a call to be more close to God, the passage is telling us of what is expected of an individual to walk with God. It then mean that if we claim to know God and still have some devlish acts in us, then we are liers.

9/12/2012, 5:45pm by "george": What a glorious promise...even as Jesus instructed us to love the light because if we walk in it our sin is shown. With the promise of forgiveness after repentance.

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