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  • Ar
    To Opelola Tope Kehind I say AMEN to that and God will bless you in all ways in your life If all we believers thought like you the world would have been a better place to live in as we would reflect Jesus image everywhere Thanks for you encouraing words
  • OkelolaTope Kehinde for verse 20
    I m no longer my own I NOW belong to a New management entirely The PRICE WITH WHICH THE TRANSACTION WAS SEALED IS WITHOUT COMPARISM MEANING I belong to This New management NOW AND FOR LIFE
  • Bruce for verse 3
    1st Cor.6:3 "more things that pretain to this life"
    When we except Jesus and walk the course He has laid out for us, then we are angels of God. We are not the same as the Angels that are in heaven now, but we are servants of God. We have now the right to tell someone that what they are doing is wrong and against our Lord Jesus's teaching. We can judge the sin but not the person. Just remember "When we have love we have peace" and that comes by accepting our Lord Jesus Christ as our Saviour

    Bruce B

  • I love the bible I am a follower of Christ I believe Corinthians . I believe the bible and god
  • Rick
    I feel verses 9-11 are very poignant, We have to stay true to our virtue, Self gratification is not the way in our fathers eyes.
  • KM Charanga for verse 9
    Is it possible to resist all the sins without being filled with the HOLY SPIRIT?
    If no, how do I submit myself to GOD? Can I submit to Him unrighteously?
    Because I am afraid without true submission, being filled with the Holy Spirit if fairly impossible.
    Please help.
  • Jonnie for verse 19
    I love this scripture, as I do all scripture. Our living, and loving God puts so much into perspective with every word He speaks to us. Truly, think of what He is saying about identity here, about the intimacy of relationship, the connection we share with Him, knowing we are one with Him, through the Holy Spirit, baptised into Christ, speaking as a Father to His children, encouraging them and instructing them into what is right, and what is true.

    Yea, and amen.
  • This shows how important it is to keep as far away from fornication as possible. Don't fantasize about it or see how close you can get because that we be doing the complete opposite of what this verse says.
  • DEE
    These verses in I corint. are very specific & hit on alot of sins people try to live with, while knowing christ. But I tell you, I want to see my saviour more than I want to please my flesh. It is a struggle for lots of us, and I want to be able to enter the kingdom before it's too late! May God help all of us with our forsaking of our sins (aka vices). Plz help us Lord Jesus!!
  • Vallerie for verse 10
  • Adrien
  • Twohats
    the 5th question in chapter 7 is a catch 22
  • I am responding to Terrance's comment / question
    which is : "Is homo***uality really a sin?" Yes-
    it most certainly is a sin. I truly sympathize that you are struggling with it , and it is joyful
    that you believe God will deliver you from it in the future . Rejoice , because Christ declared that He will NOT turn anyone away who comes to Him . If you seek forgiveness , healing , and a new life - go to Christ with a penitent heart , and He will not turn you away !!! You are NOT alone , Terrance !!! MANY people struggle with all
    kinds of sins , including ***ual immorality . I do
    too - but I know that God is reforming me , and will complete a work He has begun in me . I have the same hope for you as well ...!! Don't take the sinful state for granted , but do remember the
    theif on the cross who was forgiven ALL his sins and promised by Christ that he would be in paradise with Him that very day ... !! God bless you , Terrance !!!
  • John toler
    Corinthians is informative of god commmandments
  • Eld Glen Stuart
    The Kingdom was set up when Christ died on the cross and was resurrected. Was a short time after the last supper, within 24 hrs.
  • Jacky h hardbarger for verse 11
    This just goes to show it reaqlly is whosoever will let them come.Its all inclusive to mankind His blood is enough
  • Louis Marchini for verse 13
    I'm confused. At the (Last supper) Christ said he would not eat or drink again until the new kingdom. 1 Corinthians 6:13 says God will do away with stomachs and food. Is this a contradiction? Kindly answer me. Thank You & God bless.
  • Beaty for verse 18
    God help us. esp the youth to withstand this sin. Have mercy on us.
  • Newton
    it has been long since i suffered from lesbiansm and premature ejaculation. its now my prayer that God will heal me back to normal life.whoever will read this comment to please pray for me.
  • David for verse 19
    The Bible tells us that our bodies are house of the Holy Spirit and that he leaves in it.so as soon as you accept Christ by confessing with your mouth then God puts his spirit in you to live there so your body belongs to the spirit. you cannot do anything on your own anymore. you need to ask the holy spirit if it pleases Him.
    May God bless His word.
  • Stanley
    Whatever sins we are involved in requires faith in God for deliverance. No matter how anyone may pray for us, God will not force his will on us. We have to first desire deliverance and then take God at His word. And when we pray for others , it should be with the love of Jesus and not out of this mean spirit I see in the world. Thank God for His Love.
  • Mas
    @Tom, I believe the appropriate attitude toward sin after it has been committed is to regret it; not to defend it. We sure all sin, but no one of us is due to defend what he/she trips over. That is spiritual dishonesty. Which is purposely engaging in sin, like making a commitment that is against the scriptures, which differs from one that just falls to such, unprepared. It's like a married man that takes a lifetime engagement to live with a mistress. It is different from one that falls to it and stand up to continue his walk in Christ. Spiritual dishonesty nullifies the power of the word of God in us and just results in unbelief; it nullifies the power of the holy spirit in us. How will God set us from things we ourselves are approving, it's like God is going against our will. No matter how delighted we are with it, but if God forbids it, then we have first to stand against such, and take resolve to withstand it, then God can and will set us free from it. We don't caress evil, just because we delight in it, that's idolatry. God is the one to tell what is right and what is not, what is sweet and what is bitter, Isaiah 5:20.
    Let's stand up Brother, and let's not dilute the word of God, nor handle it deceitfully.
    Help is available if we can be meek and learn from him, Matthew 11:29. God bless you.
  • Tom Banks
    Even after accepting salvation through the shed blood of Jesus, some believers (I mean every) has been known to sin, because our sin nature wars with our flesh and perfection has not yet come. So then who will be in heaven if all these will not be present? Are these the only sins to keep us from God's presence in heaven?
  • R. D. Mattock
    Verse 19 "What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you." We believe God is omnipresent. But somehow we forget that God lives in us. "Greater is he that is in you than he that is in the World." Israel is a chosen generation; you are a chosen generation too. Israel is a royal priesthood, you are a royal priesthood too. Israel is a holy nation, you are a holy nation too. Israel is a peculiar treasure, you are a peculiar people. Israel is the wife of Jehovah, you are the bride of Christ. *Israel built the temple, you are the temple.
  • Michael Young for verse 19
    My thoughts of I Corinthians 6:19 are that if you must know, the word of God is not opinionated, nor base on what you think or what I think. The word of God is Yea and Amen. The word of God also goes on to say not one jot, one title; the Heaven and Earth will pass away before he changes his word. Make no mistake God is not interested in what you think. You have to be lead by the Spirit. God Bless You!
  • Cindy Horsley
    I know God can heal from homosexuality because my daughter lived a lesbian lifestyle from the age of 14 until she became 28. We prayed as well as others prayed and witnessed to her and loved her, but we never accepted her lifestyle. We stood firm on the word of God. She has come back to God and has lived in a close relationship with Jesus for over a year now and has professed that God took all the homosexual desires away from her. Yes God still answers prayer! Praise Him!
  • Ibiedein Agnes Bestman
    Please if you are homosexual, believe in God, and ye shall be healed.
  • Jeannette
    Well, I think the scripture is not only talking about homosexuality as sin, it is also talking about worship things, people, fornications, adultery, covertly, lying nor abuser. I believe can be forgiven, but you must get be born again, by the blood of Jesus Christ. Ask God to forgive for your sins with a sincere heart. You believe in your heart that Christ died for us and rose again in his infinite Glory, you shall be saved. We must not focus on one sin but all sins according to The word of God. Jesus' commands are to love one another as we love ourselves.
  • Mas
    @ Terrance,
    Yes homosexuality is a sin, acknowledging it for a sin is in fact the beginning of deliverance.
    No matter what reasons people may put forward to justify it, but homosexuality is a sin. It is a deception (misconception) in its lower levels, and a possession at its higher levels.
    A possession by two kinds of spirits; the spirit of self-mutilation, and that of sadism. Of course some justify it saying some people are born with that leaning, so it should be normal, but there are also people who are born with other kind of sicknesses, and we still consider them as sick people.
    As we Christians need to please and honour God, God is the one to say what is good and bad (Isaiah 5:20). And in that very category, God says it is bad, irrespective to what community says.
    So the choice is ours to either please God, or relinquish to world's fades.
    Happily that you are willing to withstand. I can say to you "that he which hath begun a good work (of deliverance) in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ" Philippians 1:6.
    So, DON'T GIVE UP.
  • Terrance for verse 9
    Is homosexuality really a sin? I have been trying to change but I really struggle with it, I know one day God will deliver me from it.

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