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  • Ray321
    It's better to Love then to judge.
  • A disciple
    "if the world shall be judged by you, are ye unworthy to judge the smallest matters?" However it got started; the idea that we aren't supposed to use our brains or the discernment of God's Spirit in us to judge; is both against reality and all knowledge of the truth. How are we supposed to otherwise know whether we have a good or bad conscience toward God or toward each other, and to resist Satan?
  • Plummer harris
    I am greatful that the HOLY SPIRIT is inside of me it give me love so I can show someone else love AMEN,AMEN
  • E.Louis Elsworth
    we are supposed to be the temple of God. after we accept Christ as our personal savior we become His temple, or dwelling place, tha Holy spirit also dwells in us and is there to teach and make the things of God clear to us. The word of God/ the bible, is written for us and the Holy spirit will help us under stand Gods word.
  • Stephen F. Zielski
    PARADOX ! THE REAL YOU IS CHRIST IN YOU THE LIVING HOPE OF GLORY AMEN AND AMEN INDEED ! Both our Heavenly Abba Dad Yahweh along with His Son our Glorious Lord and near future Majesty King to come Christ Yeshua Jesus knew full well what was going to happen to the the true bride before the first century church had ended. Elijah will Restore all things as the Word has spoken Glory to GOD AMEN. SHALOM
  • Michael
    This answer is simple,gods is already in small letters,you not literally a God,but a god in your own way,its more of a idol

  • Max
    I do not understand. Does it mean that we are gods too?
  • Lilian
    Our flesh are sinful but thru faith and trusting God and by his precious blood our Spirit are cleanse and sanctified. God only needs from us is to obey his words. The kingdom of God is within us. If we JESUS in our life we have everything we need. We need to THANKED HIS BLOOD, THINK HIS BLOOD AND TALKED HIS BLOOD. I PRAISE YOU LORD JEHOVAH AMEN
  • Salomalawi
    yes let us glorify our Lord becoz of the good things He is doing for us. Let us not stop praising His Mighty name Amen
  • Abraham thompson
    I like that 1corintias what the lord Jesus has to said to as
  • Nick Nkole
    This book is amazing. It is an eye opener. It has opened my eyes to deeper life. That I am in Christ and Christ is in me (which am now a temple of God) is awesome. Who can condemn me now? You see, to condemn me is to condemn Christ who is in me. And, who does dare do that? I have been endowed with great power by God. And, I can now do all things through Christ who is now in me. I Amos 12 feet now.
  • Kathleen Edwards
    I never thought or knew we would judge angels...
  • Chuck
    he who practices sin will not go to heaven no matter what they profess about
    jesus christ that includes me i need prayer
  • Jeannie for verse 18
    I praise our God in Heaven for his precious word for helping me in the trials of temptation... I constantly stay in His word.. The Joy of the Lord is definitely my strength.....
  • Reshma
    Fornication is sinning against our own body. We are bought with a price which was paid by christ. Since we are his we should glorify him with our bodies for our bodies are temples.
  • Lakaye
    Thank God for the blood and baptism. It washes And cleanse us from all filtiness of the flesh. To live is Christ and to die is gain.
  • Ron Dwyer for verse 9
    you can not be openly gay and be a christian. Homosexuality is an addiction and Terrance you will have to repent and change your ways to get to heaven but the fact that you are trying will surely mean you will not be sent to hell. You must continue to put in the effort, it is tough. We all have our sinful vices and unless we cleans ourselves of our sins we will still have to earn our way in our afterlife before we can live in the full glory of God
  • Gail Green
    that we must repent live a new and righteous way in the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Blessed
    Don 't get confuse you need three square meals of nutrition from the earth that GOD bring forth. You need the word of GOD AS NUTRITON ALSO.TAKE CARE OF YOUR TEMPLE. THE HOLY GHOST DWELLS WITHIN. The HOLY GHOST is sent from GOD.
  • Mockingbird for verse 19
    Totally Amazing that Precious Holy Spirit of the living God lives on the inside of me. I do not belong to me any more and I am not allowed to do what I want to do : For I must give an account to God of all I do. Why would I subject Holy Spirit dwelling on inside of me to the filth of the fleshly desires ?
  • Lilian
    Our body is the temple of God. We must be Born Again in Spirit not in the flesh. Jesus will cleanse our unrighteousness and cleanse our sins if we accept and obey God 's words and commandments until rapture. Our body will be made whole protected and sanctified by the precious blood of Jesus. Thanks be to Jesus for his blood that cover us. We are now live because of Jesus forgiveness. Praised him and thank Jesus for everything he has done into our lives. Jesus loves you so much that you cant imagine. We must love him and obey his commandments until rapture.
  • Wilma
    i believe the KING JAMES BIBLE is the truth and nothing but the truth.raised by it and will stand by all the verses being correct ..
  • Charlotte for verse 12
    Lord show me what masters me other than you and empower amen help me to release these things in obedience and be mastered only by you...in Jesus name I pray
  • Michaela...to be saved is to be redeemed, to be snatched from the jaws of hell by our Saviour. Think of it as a person out at sea drowning or in the deep end of a pool, then a lifeboat or someone comes by and pick them up out of that state or someone caught in a burning house, then a firefighter comes to their aide. It is just like that with Jesus, once you have accepted Him wholeheartedly as Lord and Saviour that is to put away all sin, He will abide in you and you will be a changed person. No one can serve two masters St. Luke 16:13 , so you must choose to either walk with Christ or live in sin. If you choose the sinful path homosexuality - being gay , then 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 Galatians 5:19-21 Romans 1:18-32, makes you aware of the fact that you will not inherit the Kingdom of God. Choose wisely and turn from the ways that displeases God and seek after Him, He will deliver you from sin.
  • Tony Frank for verse 12
    The born again christian is not a sinner even if he does something sinful because the body of sin is yet to be destroyed. However, such indulgence is a work of the flesh which is proof that the christian is not mortifying the deeds of his flesh by the Spirit.
  • Solomon for verse 19
    Apostle Paul seems to be dealing with the problem of ignorance in the church of the corinthians...Hence, 'Know ye not ' Ignorance they say is a disease...Paul wants them to have the understanding that as christians, they shouldn 't continue in immorality because their body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.
  • Do a good work and Glorify God in your actions as we are not our own but a creation unto Christ who paid the price that we may have Life Evermore.
  • MockingBird for verse 20
    I am no longer my own : I belong to God . I am His workmanship. I have been bought : The price that was paid for me cost God His best : That is Jesus Christ. I no longer have the right to do as I please for I must answer to my God of all. Therefore I will Glorify God in my body and in my spirit which are God 's
  • Amen jay for verse 20
    people of GOG lets honor our LORD JESUS with our body and soul for is the temple of CHRIST,this all we are require to do through so we will be uplifted
  • Do we have the right to judge justly i.e., discern between right and wrong at least to exercise and train our own conscience and establish righteous court systems in this world? Paul explains it in 1 Cor. 6 plainly. 'Condemning people unjustly '--now that 's wrong. Otherwise, let 's dismiss all teachers, mentors, philosophers, sociologists, writers, judges, JAGs, correctional facilities, etc. and become totally lawless. Hmmm, I don 't think so -

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