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  • Delores carbaugh
    I believe that woman should only teach children and be in a womans ministry. God's word says that if a women at home should ask her husband. The man is the head of the church and the household.
  • Trent
    Christians often believe certain parts of the Bible don't apply today, that they were written only for particular people, a particular culture or a particular time period. Whether women should speak in the church is one that has divided churches- some do it, some don't. There are many other verses in the Bible that one needs to question the applicability of, for instance: circumcision, sacrifices, eating of pork and 'unclean' animals, wearing clothes with mixed thread (Deuteronomy 22:11), or unusual verses like Deuteronomy 22:29. Paul is the only author in the Bible that speaks of women to be silent in the church and is the same person who says men are better off never getting married. Yet, we know that the very reason God created women was so that we're not lonely, and that he wants us to be married in order to reproduce and populate the earth. So, is Paul a less-credible author in the Bible? We will probably never have the answers in this life.
  • Bill Irvine
    Why is 1 Cor.14:34 not followed as it should be according to the Bible?

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