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  • Joseph Z. Kollie
    I have talked to friends about 1 Corinthians 14 34 15 to give their opinions on women presiding over congregations, but I almost got insulted or was insulted. Is there any further interpretation on these verses apart from what they say? I do believe that women can minister like house to house ministering or evangelism. But for a woman to pastor a Church, I have not found any scriptural justifications.
  • Brenda
    1 Cor. Ch. 14 34 35 Why is it that everybody at every church that I know of ignore these scriptures? When I ask questions they tell me "If it doesn 't pertain to your salvation it 's not important. " There are female preachers, deacons and everything else in churches. Yet, the bible states that a deacon must be the husband of one wife. This tells me that a deacon is supposed to be a male.
  • SIMON ASANTE for verse 14
    truely truely it is.When Jesus Christ said unto His Deciples that remainrth here untill the holly splrit cometh unto you Truelly they waited and they did not see the spirit coming unto them.But they rather felt it that the HOLY SPIRIT was uponG THEM all
  • Eaglesrock
    Things that stand out in this Chapter. First this is a whole chapter on Tongues. We are to desire and be Zealous for spiritual gifts and covet the best. Forbid not to speak in tongues. Most important let all things be done in decently and order. For God is not the author of confusion.
  • Samuel Semmens for verse 22
    God the person of the Holy Ghost does not work contradictory to himself. He together with the other persons of the Godhead inspired the writing of the word of God that includes the grammar of the original Greek. The point being that he will not get us to do anything that contradicts his written word. We do not go by feelings, voices, or rapping tables, but by the Word of God alone and in context.
  • Thensia for verse 2
    It is good too have a 'tongue ' to communicate with God in the spirit. There are times when we should subject ourselves in deep conversation which God the spirit helps us pray and intercedes for us. Angels surround us.
  • Dorothy
    Just as I was reading the comments, everyone who commented on women should have known the bible already. Go to the book of Joel the second chapter verses twenty eight and twenty nine read and learn. Also in Acts second chapter verses seventeen and eighteen. Get a good understanding of this because you must worship God in the spirit, because He is a spirit and his teaching is in the spirit.
  • Thelma irby for verse 33
    I don 't understand what this mean. I have a friend who are teaching her church the wrong way. What is I suppose to do.
  • Wherefore tongues are for a sign, not to them that believe, In light of this verse 22. Why would you be speaking in tongues which are a language by the way, in front of believers. Why don 't you get out on the street and preach in jibber jabber and see how many lost souls you reach. You would be as a barbarian and people would know you are mad.
  • Jerry Walker for verse 14
    We would all be better off if we would pray in unknown tongues as this verse states. Jerry
  • Jennifer watson
    I do not believe that God would command half of humanity to always be silent in church. Deborah was a prophet in the old testament and I do not believe that God changes or makes mistakes. I believe that the verse in Corinthians refers to the laws of the church at that time and not to God 's laws. There was a lot of grumbling and discontent and the women were told to be quiet. I know that God can use both men and women to carry his word to others.
  • George Hartwell
    I have been having a "discussion " with my dear wife about verses 34 and 35. She never stops talking regardless of where we are and is certainly not obedient. I think that these two verses should be read literally but she seems to think that it 's a metonymic hyperbole. I was wondering whether any biblical scholars out there would agree with me or with her.
  • Candy for verse 35
    I take it completely literal. I think women are to be quiet, not say a word in church and especially not teach men. They can teach younger women titus 2 however. In the Bible times women were to be quiet, there were no choirs. They probably sang. It doesnt say not to sing, it says not to teach over men and to be quiet in church. Whats the problem? Its better that way anyway. Im a modern day woman, evangelical, where we have many women pastors mainly as children church pastors , but i dont agree with my church on this and that is fine. I like men to be the head of the home, over the wife not talking controlling and i like men to preach and teach. Women can sit back and enjoy. Nothin wrong with that. I dont know why so many WANT women to preach teach! Sounds so feminist to me. Just my opinion
  • Ekun Adekunle for verse 34
    That a man has a loud voice, sweet words etc does not concern God where he has spoken. It is either you are the scriptures or a hypocrite. "let your women keep silence in the churches ". What is hard in this? Simple English. But the pride and foolishness of man has led to various arguments. Those wrest the word of God will be destroyed. This is no joke. They are false prophets
  • Andrew for verse 32
    Pls i want to ask about this 1corinthians 14v32. And my question is that. The word And the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets , does it also mean that, when ever I 'm given a chance to preach or teach, and i have been given specific time to do so, i can stop the holyspirit and not exceed the time given to me?
  • Melchor tejero for verse 39
    if we truly believe the works of the holy spirit we proved that god is in us. for all the goodness God given us, we are free man in the dessert but yet we are reminded of what is wrong and right to decide what is pleasing in to his sight.
  • Aaron Wilson
    1 Corinthians chapter 14 must be read after reading 1 Corinthians 12 and 13 for they all flow together on the same subject they are Paul s letter to Corinthians on the gifts of the spirit and their ooperation in the church 1 Corinthians 14 helps to demonstrate the difference between other tongues and the unknown tongue The unknown tongue that which is spoken in the use of the gifts of the spirit The other tongues appear when someone first initially recieves the Holy Ghost for the first time Other tongues is an earthly language a languages here on earth Unknown tongues like verse 2 says is a heavenly languages because we are only speaking unto God Although this can interpeted when God allows
  • Aaron Wilson for verse 2
    The KJV translation makes a difference other tongues and unknown tongues for a reason This reason is because when a person first initially recieves the Holy Ghost they speak in other tongues an language understood on earth Once one has recieved this baptism they speak in the unknown tongue because that is unto God The initial sign of others tongues is for the unbeliever as proof that the Holy Ghost is real The unknown tongue is used in praying to God and in the tongues and interpetation and the gift of tongues
  • I think it is so sad that so many people who call themselves Christians rebel against scriptures that are not politically correct Paul isn t saying anything new here but I guess rebelling isn t anything new either
  • Vincent for verse 38
    here paul was inphasising that what he is writting everyone should take into account and practise it in all churches around the world
  • Glen Waites for verse 2
    I read this version of the bible all the time I think we can learn from the scriptures
  • Leonard Dale for verse 5
    I think it is them speaking in there own language that why they need an interpretation
  • KJB
    Verse 38 says,"But if any man be ignorant, let him be ignorant." A man that is an heretick after the first and second admonition reject; Knowing that he that is such is subverted, and sinneth, being condemned of himself. (Titus 3:10-11). The Holy Spirit will bear witness to the truth. You saw in the verses that God used the deceiver to decieve those who wouldn't receive the love of the truth. I don't have to conform to this world and use "good words and fair speeches to DECEIVE the hearts of the simple."(Rom 16:18). This modern world is all about love, love, love, and don't see both sides of God. They aren't serving the God of the Bible. A lopsided God is who they are serving today. God is a God of love, but also of wrath. When the Church is caught out (Cor ch 15 and 1 Thess 4) the world will see God's wrath (Rev 6:17). Have a nice day! That was positive :)
  • Davie
    to kjb,i think you need to think about what u are saying,roots of bitterness is a terrible thing along with your pride,if you would stop and think we are actually saying the same thing but you for some reason have a hang up and want God to be the deciever,you err by not knowing who God is,how he works nor his purpose for man nor his power,
  • KJB
    "Sir I'm sorry you can't read 4th grade English. " I THE LORD HAVE DECEIVED THAT PROPHET,"(Ezekiel 14:9). I agreed you made a good point. If you will read ( I doubt it) let these Scriptures (KJB) flip your wig, and pray about this about 10 years. (2 Sam 24:1) And again the anger of the LORD was kindled against Israel, and He moved David against them to say, Go, number Israel and Judah. ( 1 Chr 21:1) Satan stood up against Israel, and provoked David to number Israel. Now you know the Bible doesn't contradict. (Job 1:12) And the LORD said unto Satan, Behold, all that he hath is in THY POWER; now look at ( Job 2:3) "and still he holdeth fast his integrity, although thou MOVEDST ME against him, to destroy him without cause." You want a hint to the answer? The LORD's axe is sharpened on the Devil's grindstone ~Havner. "
  • Davie
    to kjb,you misunderstand what is being said,God decieves the deciever,do a study of the words decieved,deciever,etc..from gen to rev and you will get understanding,2tim3:13."but evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse,decieving,and being decieved." job12:16"the decieved and the deciever are his" 1tim2:4"Who will have all men to be saved,and to come unto the knowledge of the truth" dont take a few verses out of context and try2make God out to be the deciever,
  • KJB
    Sir, you said "God doesnt decieve or tempt anyone", then you said "God sent the deceiving spirits into people". I think I see what you mean. God allows people who have been "deceiving, and being deceived"(2 Tim 3:13) to be deceived. If that is the case, I will agree to that. You make a good point.
  • Davie
    again,God sent the deceiving spirits into people who already chose to decieve and be decieved,think about it,was it true prophets or men of faith that God sent the lieing spirit to? no,they already were false prophets,the decievers initial begins with an S,
  • The KJB
    Please read the verses. (Ezekiel 14:9) "And if the prophet be deceived when he hath spoken a thing, I THE LORD HAVE DECEIVED THAT PROPHET," (1 Kings 22:23) "Now therefore, behold, the LORD HATH PUT a lying spirit in the mouth of all these thy prophets," Thats why you must read the Bible and believe what it SAYS not what you read into it. God allows the Devil to do things by His premissive will. He lets the Devil deceive people who will not hearken to His word. (1 Cor 14:38)
  • Davie
    God doesnt decieve or tempt anyone,the strong delusion thats sent by God in the last days is to an apostate wicked corrupt church and world who have already decieved themselves and others,our Lord God is going to send them what they asked for,they dont want the true Christ,his grace,forgiveness,his pure word and sound doctrine,his Spirit and his life,so God,s going to give them the One behind all the corrupt bibles,false doctrine,false religions,new age,witchcraft,evolution etc...and they will all lap it up with joy,as all tables are full of vomit,God says

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