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  • BSP
    Verse 40 shows that things in the congregation should be organized and properly arranged. This calls for direction and cooperation within the congregation.
  • Jozabad
    believers need to become mature in understanding Gods word because its the only solution that can end confusion and conflicts in the church today

  • Wayne
    There is no condemnation to them who walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit.
  • Lucinda Palestrant
    Avire,man cannot teach this. It is, as all gifts given by God according to his will, to whom he wills. Don't be deceived by the false teachers and false "Christians" of our day. May the Lord lead you into his truth.
  • Doug
    True tongues are a gift only given from GOD. THE ONLY LANGUAGE THE DEVIL DONT UNDERSTAND.when you speak in tongues,it is always for someone else present to hear. it cannot be taught , learned or read in books as it is a gift from GOD.
  • Avire
    What verse state that speaking in tongue can be taught. I have believed that speaking in tongue was a gift from God. Meaning that if its a gift how can man give or teach others. I beseech anyone to help me get a clear understanding. In the name of Jesus I pray. Amen
  • Women are speaking in the churches nowadays. The last time i attended church I saw a woman at the podium fulfilling what looked like the role of a male pastor. Anyway I thought was unusual, and this verse came to mind. Political correctness has invaded the church, but that means Jesus's return is imminent. Trust in christ for salvation today, human wisdom has completely failed in these end times.
  • Sunita Nahar
    If a preacher explains the scripture in a language which the hearers cannot understand, the preacher will not edify them. "To speak words that have no meaning to those who hear them, is like speaking into the air. " It is better to use plain and simple language, language which everyone can understand and not foreign tongues or words to explain the scriptures.
  • Susan
    Luckily I never married, so I submit to no one but God.
  • Muller for verse 32
    It implies christian discipline dealing with God and people!
  • Ann Bordelon for verse 38
    Where did the word "still " come from? I have always heard it quoted as such! But I cannot find that! We aren 't suppose to " add to " His Word so I 'd like to know.
  • Believer
    I came here hoping to get clarity......thank you all so much for confusing me a little further. The one thing you all agreed on is that God does not like chaos and confusion yet you all cannot agree, could that be that we 're all still trying to edify ourselves. God 's word is clear and concise if we seek understanding knowledge and wisdom from Him that given so freely. I believe I will now do exactly that and read this scripture again.
  • Deborah Perry for verse 33
    This is so comforting. Our God is a God of order. Disorder and confusion are Satans weapons.
  • Evelyn
    Wonderful word for PEACE.......
  • Robert
    The answer of a few here is, can a woman preach? The Bible is quite clear on the matter. V34 is further explained in 1Tim.2:11-13. A woman is not to preach in the church. This would be usurping the authority of the man. Women can teach other women or witness to anybody, but to pastor,or preach to men is against scripture. Women can sing,give testimony,or ask for prayer in the service. So it 's basically not to take the authority from the man. It should also be the same in the family.
  • Jatinder Kumar Ahooja
    Thank you for letting me know that the test of my knowledge was wrong. On re-reading, I now know that in the riddle question asked below is "Prophesy ".Now I know why it is prophesy as it relates to verses 1,3,4,22,24,31 and 32.
  • JP
    Jatinder, perhaps you should consider what it says again, that 'God is not the author of confusion '. Man is the one who is supposed to dispense authority in a married relationship, the same as Christ is the ultimate authority of the Church. It follows that man is the head of the women, if there is no ultimate authority confusion will inevitabley ensue between the married couple. So as Christians I think we should simply accept what is being said here. Also I think we all need to be very careful when deciding to marry, that the couple embody Christians virtues for the success of the relationship. God bless!
  • Jatinder Kumar Ahooja
    I wonder why is it written in 1 Corinthians 14:34 that women should keep silent in the church - - -. In today 's world, women too are very well educated, to the extent that once a blue moon I 've heard females, whether from India or abroad seen preaching in the church.
  • Chuck
    because the man is the head of the household as Jesus Christ is the head of the church
  • Joseph John for verse 32
    is our will is to the Holy Spirit or do we have our own will if we feel something is not right
  • Joseph John for verse 32
    is our will is to the Holy Spirit or do we have our own will if we feel something is not right
  • Mayra A. Scherrer.
    We need to be encourage.
  • Nathan Brown
    In response to Bill and Porshia,women are to be silent in church.And silent also means PREACHING,teaching,prophesying,praying,and anything else that qualifies as Speaking. This portion of Scripture is very clear easy to understand. THANKS and GOD BLESS
  • David Pollard for verse 5
    Thank you for the help, I now understand.
  • Bill
    This is in response to "Porchia 's " question on Chapter 14:34. This particular verse has been scrutinized and perverted by many that teach within the church. But, let me emphasize on this, this verse you are asking about, such as verse 34 is speaking of the women when prophecy was spoken in church. As verse 29-31 will shed light as to what was taking place as verse 34 follows. The women were to remain silent, not permitted to speak. "They are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law. " Chapter 11:3 explains the law it speaking of. The head of the woman is man. The woman is to ask her husband at home and he is to teach her. This particular verse is not speaking anything about being a preacher. You will find in 1 Timothy the mention of teaching and what was forbidden.
  • Porchia
    So is verse 14:34 saying that a women should not be a preacher in the church ?
  • when you speak in an unknown tongue,not just a tongue but the tongues of angels you edify yourself,you sanctify yourself..when you speak in tongues your spirit mind becomes active..I bless God that I speak in tongues...keep your good work on ,,,,,,,,,,
  • Motdaugrnds
    This chapter makes clear to me that God expects us to "reason " together for our edification, i.e. that we may grow into fruitful beings making use of the "meat " of the word unto sanctification.
  • Je Suis Mark
    When Jesus comes again every tongue shall confess that Jesus is the Lord. Until then I will continue to speak in tongues. Please don 't forbid me because I find that when I do "it edifies my soul ".
  • Ronnie for verse 26
    All spiritual gifts, given unto the bride of Christ, are for edification of the Church. If one professes to have a certain gift, such as the gift of tongues, this gift is for the building of the Church, that mystical Bride of Christ, that she should become partaker of the beauty of holiness. Now, humility meekness submission is to beautify each gift with holiness. All spiritual gifts are for the exaltation and edification of the Church body. It is not to puff up the individual with selfish pride arrogance. Each gift ought to serve, not that one member be served with applause of adoration. For Christ possessed the fullness of grace and truth, yet chose to humble Himself, never testifying of Himself, and always doing the will of His Father. He would not exalt Himself, though He had all power and grace and truth to magnify Himself. But He would not for He came to serve as the Servant of servants. Hence we sinners ought not to magnify ourselves above anyone, though we be spiritually gifted. Spiritual gifts are for the magnification of Christ and of His bride body. The hand is not greater than the foot. Though the hand and foot work and serve different purpose they both labor for the edification of the body as a whole. For who maketh the to differ from one another. One plants, another waters. But it is God that giveth the increase.

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