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  • Sophia for verse 11
    What is 1 Corinthians vs 3 meaning or saying to me ?
  • Bendito Palavra for verse 11
    Paul is telling us to grow up. He told the Corinthians in chapter 3 that they were babes and could not handle meaningful doctrine while they were still carnally minded. Then in chapter 12 their self serving focus on the gifts was actually hindering the intended use of them which is to build up the body of Christ. He then shows them the better, mature way which is charity.

    Charity is essentially what Jesus commanded in John 13:34-35, "A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another."

    Also in John 15:12-13, "This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you. Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." (Which incidentally points to the Cross.)

    Ephesians 4:11-16 gives a fuller development of this necessary work of edifying the body, that we henceforth be no more children...
  • Mishael for verse 11
    Which chapter and verse? Have you found the Commentary Box on this website? You can use it for any Verse you are searching.
  • Webster Clarke for verse 10
    When a person speak in tongues and another interpret, the interpreter says 'Thus saith the Lord'. So let me ask, Is scripture still being written? is God still speaking? then when will the Word of God be completed? These people who speak in tongues and saith it is from God are in fact adding to what God has said, lyingly so. The Bible was completed by the last book in Revelation. Our Lord has not spoken a Word either in tongues or plain language since.

    This whole business of Tongues, the prophetics, Word of Faith, prosperity gospel, Celebrity Pastors, Mega Churches, 'once saved, always saved' is a trick by Satan to use the Neo-Pentecostals to in fact bring in the Laodicean Church age into existence in which Christ is outside of His own church knocking at the heart of that remnant individual. Revelation 3 "Behold I stand at the door and knock' now look, 'If any man, any individual..... The occurrence of COVID 19 has demonstrated to the world how irrevelant and ineffective the church (Laodicean church has become). It is really a sad and unfortunate DAY when World Governments no longer believe that the church has POWER to protect themselves. They are in fact saying, 'from what we are seeing, we no longer believe that the GOD you say you serve is able to protect you, so we have to legislate your protection... THIS is A HARSH BUT TRUE INDICTMENT ON THE CHURCH in an age when the Pentecostals are boasting of having so much POWER, PROSPERITY, HEALING, MIRACLES..'. '.....but I say unto you, you are poor and wretched and naked and blind-Revelation 3-. It is my belief that the Neo-Pentecostal originating at Azuza St. has done more HARM to the Gospel and the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ than the Catholics during the dark ages. The Catholic's destruction was outright visible and UNPRENTENTIOUS, BRUTAL AND CHRISTLESS. But Satan has used the Pentecostals to destroy God's church in a very subtle way. The church of today is about the Pastor, his PH.D and his MEGA CHURCH, NOT THE CROSS.
  • Follow Jesus No Matter What for verse 10
    Number 1: you are bringing a railing ACCUSATION against the Churches of Jesus Christ; the Body of Christ, of which Jesus is the Head; of the Holy Spirit who is the Spirit of Christ and the giver of the Gifts of the SPIRIT (which includes speaking in tongues and interpretation of tongues)

    See 1 Corinthians 12 and 13

    Judge not lest YOU be judged. I'm not judging you. God is.

    People need forgiveness because we make lots of mistakes. The Charismatic Movement has been Over for 30 years!!

    It's Jesus's Church, not yours. "Upon this Rock I will build MY CHURCH.

    Accusation accuses and we all know who is responsible for that: Satan. You need some deliverance from that. Ask & Receive.

    If you'll give all that angst to the Lord, he will lead you to a church He wants you to rest in, be renewed, restored to your First Love when you met Jesus. Don't go away because of something that happened decades ago. Be a part of what God is doing now.

    Draw a line in the sand and step over. We need people who truly care about the Bible. There are many people in here who are seeking answers from the Bible. Often when I pray, I ask God to keep his Hand on everybody who ever got saved in a Billy Graham Meeting. I keep looking for that to come around again. Praise God! Let the fire fall.

    Corona virus has made people remember the briefness of life. We've got a soul and it belongs to God. He says it's His. We have to receive His son Jesus to secure eternal Life and the in-dwelling Holy Spirit.

    Salvation is a gift from God the Father; but if we don't seize upon that Gift, our hearts harden.

    I did a study recently. It's in the 1-100 history pages in this website. The Bible scriptures actually mention 3 plagues that come upon the whole world From China. It may be due to population and the amount of people that are very poor. I don't know.

    Choose Life with Jesus now. Forget the past. Follow Jesus and be a disciple.
  • Mishael for verse 10
    Would The Holy Spirit give a rattlesnake?

    1 Corinthians 12
  • Carleton for verse 10
    It is interesting also, that (as I remember) all of the accounts where speaking in tongues occurred, were with Jewish believers becoming Christians as a witness to each other (at that time) of the power of the risen Christ and his Holy Spirit.

    Today we have that Witness in our lives as Christians, if we, like the early Church of Jewish believers, hold fast to the Faith once delivered.
  • Shaarei for verse 12
    All Glory to The King. We are told to seek our Fathers righteousness and His Kingdom. The Word of God says seek and Ye shall find. To see through the glass darkly is to see something blurred. But then face to face in a glass is a mirror. When being shown the error of your own ways, the sin does not show in the Glory of Our Lord, so to see face to face is to see the Spirit of the Lord within. Know Ye not that Ye are the temples of God and that the Spirit of the Lord dwells within. To be know, you have sought and Ye have found. We enter into our Lords Kingdom NOW. It is to be known . You will see and enter Now
  • Albert
    Thanks,God bless.
  • Albert
    Without the love of God in our hearts, the nine gifts of the Spirit are meaningless. The Greatest Gift to possess is the power of love. Love is eternal. Worldly love is not the love of God. It tolerates sin( worldly love) and breeds hate and division--even among Christians. Love has no color. Love is kind. vaunteth not itself is puffed up thinketh no evil. Love does not rejoice in iniquity. Real love will not support evil.If I give my body to burned and I do not do it for the love of God --I died for nothing. How many so-called movements have been motivated by anger, resentment, worldly acceptance? Jesus was motivated by love to die for a world that hated him.
  • Chris
    Great Scripture and comments. Thanks Albert.
  • Austin
    Isnt it supposed to be love where charity is
  • Meade for verse 11
    certain stories in the bible as some things we are told as children are believed, but as we grow into adulthood many of those beliefs wither and die in the cauldron of critical reasoning
  • Hi Meade,

    Are there particular Bible stories you find hard to believe that you'd like to share? I myself have had obstacles with some stories in the past until I became aware of a new piece of information previously overlooked that explains it, which may include scientific data. If there could be another perspective that explains the difficulty would you be open to hearing it?
  • Enide saint fleur
    we have to love each others with all your heart , all your soul and all your mind

    love your neighbor as yourself

    you need to have charity in your life in order to move on

    show love bc what God wants and it is the greatest
  • BuckVivian for verse 2
    A strong-willed person, his world is full of infinite possibilities
  • MackintoshBrook for verse 4
    Those who can seize the opportunity to walk in front of them will succeed in all likelihood
  • Deana Taylor
    I believe a lot of Gods judgement when we stand before him is how we treated our fellow man. Did we have heartfelt charity. Because we are made in his image
  • Bob Grove
    Jesus gave us a commandment to love one another and our neighbor as our self and our wife as Christ loved the Church and gave his life for it . We must first be loved by God , then share His Love and bear fruit in doing so , it's continual not a one time deal . But Jesus starts it for us as we all should know .
  • Bob Grove
    I have found that sharing and giving to others what God has given to you no matter what it is develops love . Strong love can not be overcome by anything , casts out fear , well I'm not there yet but that would be something to attain too !
  • Stan
    In 1John 4 where it says "perfect love casts out fear. He that feareth is not made perfect in Love." It's not talking about how much Love you are able to give to others as if you could attain to a "perfect love" by being perfectly loving. It's talking about God's perfect love for you. When you know that God loves you and will make all things work together for your good and will take care of you no matter what then you won't fear any problems or catastrophes or anything that might come your way. Your faith in God's perfect Love and care for you is what casts out all fear.
  • Natalie king
    oh how to be like him to love truly from the heart, that is my prayer today and forever!!!!!!!
  • Craig
    Charity Love
  • Riverfox
    this is good
  • Veneda w allen
    The subject of this letter is love,it shows us love is the greatest of because this is th character of god,1st jonh4 8, God is love
  • Fred
    Some of the best teachers teach with desire.The kjv is this inspired will of God. The teacher of the love of Christ , and God the Father, with the holy spirit Our sanctification, our redemption,being justified by faith, we have peace. When you understand these things, you will love, you will have charity, you will be like Him! Let this mind be in you. Desire the sincere milk of the world.
  • Teri
    the greatest of these is love...and the hardest!
  • Florine
    1Corinthians tell Christian how God want us to really love one another how to love also tell us what love is not
  • Lolalane
    Out of faith, hope, and charity, for charity to be number one ???? I had to find out why that was the truth. But I understand that all the faith and hope in the world that we know is possible is lessened by a lack of wanting that for others outside our personal circle of existence. Faith and Hope are easy when you believe, but Charity takes understanding within the brutal, unfair, everyday world
    How very true. Well put!

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