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  • Richard Harvie
    We must remember that St.paul was NOT divine and that his commandment to shave off a womans hair who prays without her head being covered is plainly ridiculous. Indeed it behoves Christians to return to Christ's commandments of non-judgemental unconditional love if Christianity has any chance of surviving into the future--and foresake their sin-seeing habits!
  • Catherine Hazur
    You yourself need to read the Bible with unconditional love and a non judgemental open attitude. Then you would find the discernment you need to understand what Paul is saying. Paul is NOT saying to shave a womans head if she does not wear a head covering. He is comparing her not wearing a head covering to a woman's hair which was given to her a a covering being shaved off. Big difference!
  • Stanjett
    I may be wrong but I thought that a man was not to wear a hat in church and I woman was to wear a hat or scarf.
    The wicked judge GOD'S chosen saying, We must remember that St.paul was NOT divine and that his commandment to shave off a womans hair who prays without her head being covered is plainly ridiculous. NAY. For Paul speaks by the Holy Ghost. It is written, Who art thou that judges another man's servant? to his own master he stands or falls. Yea, he shall be held up: for God is able to make him stand.
  • Robert
    So what scripture actually says this..."non-judgemental unconditional love". Therein are some things hard to understand, which those who are unlearned and unstable wrest, as they do also the other Scriptures, unto their own destruction. Do we as Christians have an obligation to judge right from wrong. We dont condemn but we must judge. This approach is used to throw right from wrong out the window
  • Richard Harvie
    Robert on 1 Corinthians 11-Robert--you are quite free to ignore Jesus's commandment "Judge ye not"--some think Christ should be obeyed--your choice--good luck!
  • Robert
    You really are without proper understanding of scripture. sorry to see that. The issue was that the judging that people would do was to condemnation in a self righteous way. We have no right to condemn, that's Christ job. you make judgements everyday when you see wrongs committed in this world. It you see a robber committing a robbery, you judge that as wrong and may even try to stop it.
  • Robert on 1 Corinthians 11-
    Robert on 1 Corinthians 11-What I understand is you still excuse disobeying like most Christians-John 5:22 For the Father judgeth no man Matthew 5:48 Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.
  • Robert
    I dont know how old you are but I am an elderly 72 Christian and lay minister who has a really good knowledge 50 years of studying scriptures. You cannot take one verse and create a whole doctrine based on it. Isaiah 28:10 . But if that makes you happy, who am I to question or be a stumbling block to your faith.
  • Teri
    Let everything be done decently and in order. i think that we are getting back to bare bones times ahead, gathering in homes or small groups is the way the church began. We can believe for miracles and see the Holy Spirit move wherever three or more agree...let's stay strong.
  • Ivy Johnson
    Our Lord s Supper: should be: Revered: Respect: Reverence: Home: House of God: Even a Shack: Building does not Matter: GOD s HOLY: AWESOME:PRESENCE IS THERE! Old Days: Brush Arbour Meetings: was held in Dirt Floor Shacks: God always Showed-up: Miracles: Healings: Holy Spirit Baptism: Demons Cast Out: etc: God the Holy Spirit has Left these MEGA BUILDINGS: The Falling Away is now RAMPANT APOSTASY!
  • Dilano
    Wow Awesome. its just a place of worship. and you know what.. in the smaller places of worship the spirit moves more easily. no problem with big churches but most of them are about money. we need Jesus not prosperity
  • Kaneleus
    i think that it is talking about how a woman should cover their head because if you are a woman if you do not cover their head their should be shame are be shave or shorn
  • Bonita
    The Bible says as often as you do this it’s not just for pass over
  • Cate mansfield
    Yes I would have the same understanding as Ray Smith in that eat drink and be merry at home if you so wish. Not in the house of our Lord. In his house its done as a rememberance to God and Jesus Christ in whom we respect.
  • Bruce
    The Lord Said, As Often as You Eat this Bread--- (Verse 26)As Often, is More then Once a Year. Some Every Month, or Every Week or 6 Times a Year. They are Showing The Lord's Death Till He Returns. You are to Search Your Heart to See if You have Sinned(Verse 27-29)They Go to Church to Worship and Sing Praises to God. And More Fellowship After Services. Christ and The Disciples Eat Together Often
  • Albett
    No, you're not correct. This is speaking on two things. People shouldn't go to church to have a feast, as many of these churches do. They bring food, just to hang out together to eat, in CHURCH. God does not like that. Also, churches who think they do good in God's eyes, when they have bread and wine, every Sunday. That's dead wrong. The bread and wine is only to be taken at Passover, annually.
  • Bruce
    Yes, It's Very Right. Some that have Money Made it a Picnic. The Others had No Money or Food. If I'm One of The Poor I Would be in Sin for Sure. I would Want Some of that Food. I would be Mad because They have and I Don't. If I had a Chance I would Steal something and then I would Lie. Church Dinners are OK. Everyone Can Eat
  • Lorrie
    Am I correct in that these paticular scriptures is in regards to The Lords Supper and not fellowshipping dinners at the church?
  • Bruce
    Ray: Any Comment, Question, Thought is Helpful to All of Us. We are Iron Sharpening Iron. My Grandmother would not Eat at Church so I didn't. When they came together One would Bring Food,sit there and Eat Verse 21,Verse 22 One would feel Ashamed because they're to Poor. Today We have Church dinners,it's for Rich or Poor All can Eat. There should Never be a Charge or Combined with The Lord's Supper
  • Ray smith
    i am some what hesitant to comment i feel humbled among well versed people of the scriptures the problem that i have is i dont beleive in having a social meal in the church. maybe i am over looking something but when Paul says what dont u have houses to eat and in . seems to me he correcting 2 errors they were guilty of making a common meal out of the Lords supper.eat at home not in the Lords hous
  • Anthony Terry
    Verse 16 answers your question. Although it was fine for the converted Jews to observe such old customs if they were doing unto God, it was not apart of the new covenant. BUT IF ANY MAN SEEM CONTENIOUS, WE HAVE NO SUCH CUSTOM, NEITHER THE CHURCHES OF GOD.
  • James Fox
    The covenant between God, and Christ was completed when Christ on the cross said, "it is finished".
  • Nakawuki Joan
    My comment is in form of question, how big or far does the hair of a woman would be by size so as to cover her head?
  • Jason Wells
    Michael, about your comment on hair length, did you state that Jesus would have had short hair? Many of the Independent Fundamental Baptists like to portray Jesus with a crew cut, which is quite absurd. We have to rightly divide; Paul was writing to people in the body of Christ, not to Jews nor to Christ Himself. Per Leviticus 19:27, Jesus had long hair. He didn't break the law.
  • Michael
    Yes I believe the apostle meant what he said concerning long hair on a man you see Christ did not have long hair all of the paintings that you see of him began hundreds of years after his death and if we knew what he looked like every picture we see of him would all look the same I have seen pictures of the Lord Jesus from many different countries and none look the same
  • A disciple
    Ann Hering; This is a good example of why God does not allow women to exercise dominion over men, nor to teach in the Church: you do not accurately expound, and you base your exposition on false premise. There was no "transition period" between Law and Grace. Jesus came not to abolish the Law, but to accomplish it! The day Jesus came in the flesh born of the virgin the word of God was completed.
  • Ann Hering
    1,2 Corinthians is written to the church of God at Corinth, a Jewish Little Flock church. These people are prophesying because the completed Word of God did not exist yet. 1Cor 11:1-16 instructs these Jewish men who prophesy to shave their head, like Paul did, and the women, who prophesied, to have their hair as a covering. These ordinances were in the transition from law to grace. Not for today!
  • A disciple
    Barbara; but if anyone seems to be contentious about it; "We have no such tradition!" I think that there are many things we COULD do as signs and for teaching in the statutes that Moses gave to the children of Israel; as long as we can confirm them by the manner of life that shows the grace of God in the Gospel of Christ REALLY true and fulfilled, an evidence of the Presence of His Spirit in us.
  • Dennis James
    Alleluia Glory To God

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