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  • Steve
    Lord, let d holyspirit in me start manifestin in my lyf dat i might understand ur word more often n 2 share wit d willin souls
  • Jehovah God never forsakes us to the point of permitting us to come into situations that make it humanly impossible to do his will. By strenthening us to resist temptation, Jehovah makes the way out. God can fortify our faith and give us the spiritual strenth we need in order to maintain integrity.
  • this verse has often given me the strength needed to deal with the bonds of alcoholism. as often times just AA don't have the answers,
  • Our preacher says that "God will not put on us more than we can bear"isn't in the bible.He(the preacher) says God will put on us more than we can bear so that we will continue to come to God and that if God didn't put more on us than we could bear,why would we need God.i don't get it.something isn't clear to me.help.
  • Bernadette Pabon for verse 17
    We are united as one by the body of Christ. We must eat and share together as one family in Christ. There is no differences in anyone for in Christ we are one.
  • Matthew Olubo for verse 12
    He who sees himself as as weak will be careful not to fall.
  • Gitile nicholas for verse 13
    God is caring all the time
  • Makalynn for verse 13
    Wow, I never really thought of this scripture that way. Thank you guys for explaining this to everyone. This is on powerful scripture!
  • Teresa for verse 32
    I don't think that God is classifying people in this passage, actually just the opposite. I think that God is telling us that we should try not to offend anyone or pass judgement on anyone no matter if they are Jewish, Gentiles, or Christians. It is not our place to make judgement, as that is reserved for God. We are to just lead our lives to the best of our ability in the way that God would have us live. As is said in previous verses of this chapter, God will not give us any trials that He knows that we are not able to handle, and we are all of one body as long as we all partake in His word.
  • Cecilia Kiigi for verse 13
    No matter how hard life can be for a believer in Jesus Christ, it should settle in our minds that, victory is ***ured when this verse, 1st Cor. 10:13 becomes our daily song.
  • Darrion for verse 13
    Amen Timothy, So we do not have an excuse when we sin because God gives us a way to escape from that temptation so we wont sin. If you are blind or dont take heed to the way out then you are in trouble. You must stay strong in your spirit to see the signs that God gives us. Be ye Holy for our Lord God is Holy!!!!
  • R. D. Mattock
    "For they were overthrown in the wilderness". We are pilgrims and strangers in a foreign land. Our citizenship is in Heaven. The wilderness or the world is a proving grounds. To humble us and to prove us to see if we will serve God in the good times as well as the bad. There is a shaking going on and that which can be shaken shall be removed. God shook the heavens and 1/3 of the angels fell. In the wilderness there are many traps that Satan has set to test you.
  • Rezanord mercon
    Put all your trust in God, knowing that he is the one who is keeping you strong as a lion, and not by ourselves. We must not think that we are better, stronger, or have more power than the others. We must know that we are all depending on the Lord, Our God and Saviour.
  • Samnawanta for verse 32
    The Fountain of God is flowing.
  • Jebb
    This passage reminds us how to live with Christ even though we are in the world. It explains that our constant behavior must glorify him on whom we believe...Jesus Christ. We respect others and the body of Christ by behaving ourselves in accordance to the word of God through Christ Jesus...the highest moral code for all creation.
  • Arnold gyanor for verse 12
    We should always be on our guard because you will not know when you will fall. Let us keep the faith and the charge given to us...
  • God's classification of people. Which classification are you?
  • Timothy Wayne George for verse 13
    Temptation has two meanings: as one is an enticement to do evil, and the other is to test one to do good. God in his mercy only test us to do good. While he allows Satan to entice us to do evil he sets a limit on it so that we are able to endure it.
  • Hank Hayden
    1 Corinthians 22+32 humbled me, hit me right in my reins and heart,thank you God:)
  • Nicole
    In 1Cor.3 Is the Lord divided? God Forbid? Then the church which is the (people) should not believe
    20 different things because our Lord Jesus the Christ only teaches one doctrine.
  • Mark
    1 Corinthians 10:3-4 The word Christ was not brought to a lady since this time it was happened in the old testament. Mother Mary was not born during this time.
  • Lyle
    Im sorry that ver for paul change was Romans 5:17

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