1 Corinthians 6:19 Inspirational Image

1 Corinthians 6:19 Inspirational Image

"What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you..."
1 Corinthians 6:19 (KJV)

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"For we are bought by a price, 1 Corinthians 6:20 For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's."
"God,forgive me my sins and cleanse me to be pure in mind and body."
"The devil is a lier! I found out I had diabetes about a month after my wife passed last June,2011.my feet keep getting sours on them,so this last time i went to the doctor they just cut on my foot and send me home.but,this time the doctor said they have to put me in to surgery now!Dr. told me they going to have to take my big toe&maybe the one next to it.and maybe the hole foot depends on the infection.so no mater what Dr. said my toe was gone.So I got was really scared!I didn't have time to call very many people I had to go into surgery now!or I could die.I called my Dad,pastor,and a friend Mike.I believed in Jesus my whole life.I cred out to JESUS to save me,not to take my foot.I stared preying asking forgiveness,because maybe I wasn't worthy .My Dad made it up to the hospital in time just before i went in to surgrey room.they preyed for me that Jesus would be there and with the Dr.'s.I was going in the room the Dr.s sia get the saw ready,i heard that i got really scared the devil will tell you everything I thought I wasn't going to have a foot when i got out!they put me out.when i was waking up JESUS! was there YES I said JESUS was there!he told me three times to tell the nurses&Dr. He was there!I could not stop laughing while i was telling them Jesus was there.they said your not to remember any thing in the surgery room.but i did!couldn't stop laughing all the way to the recovery room.I still hadn't seen my foot yet tell I got in the recovery room.I seen my foot I told them they were'nt done.my foot was still there!OH yes Praise GOD my foot was still there and my toe they didn't cut anything!I ask the dr. the next day about JESUS he said YOU remembered that?I said yes he was shocked,they only had to cut some of my foot,and there was no infection in the bone Praise God.And I'm home now!"
"Actually Being a Christian isn't about being Religious, Though we all tend to do things religiously, God doesn't want our religion, and God doesn't grade us on how religious we can be, although there are those people that do. God wants a relationship with us. He wants us to know that he has our back when no one else does or will. I love God the Father in heaven, I don't always get to talk with him as much as I would like to, but I do try as much as I can. Plus I find my self reading and studying his word. If any of these post are up lifting to you then please share them with others. May God Bless and Keep you comforted."
"So if we put thangs in our bodys like beer and smoking or dip.. if JESUS DIDNT DO IT THEN WE SHOULDNT DO IT A-MEN"
"Amen ! This, technally isn't our body...... it belongs to God. We adulterate it with sooooo many things that are ungodly. Yeah, we oughta embrace it, but we must present our bodies as a living sacrifice, holy & acceptable unto God."
"Does it really matter when we celebrate? He was born and saved us if we only believe! Sorry if it hurts anyone feelings just saying!"
"God give us d grace. All d single ladies n gents pls use ur body to serve God."
"Love it! So many people say, "I turned my life over to Christ!" They don't realize their life was never theirs to turn over."
"Amen....God is good and so are His thoughts over my life.thank you Jesus Christ."
"I am a sinner i pray may God grace siguar me out from sin in Jesus name Amen."
"Lord i give you my body, control it."
"Lord Jesus fill me with the Holy Ghost?"
"Pray for me for and spirtual streangth and to b able to conquer sin."
"Amen use this temple LORD JESUS to glorify Your wonderful name."
"Amen. Be made whole and let your heart be pure . For the pure in heart will see the face of God the Father. God bless us all."
"Amen....coz hez always wit us,dat is y we fil guilty wen we thinking of indulging in adultery.....thank u God 4 making us c dat our bodies our yo temple"
"Father teach us how to keep our body holy and clean."
"For the spirit is willing and the body is weak..give me Srengh oh Lord to overcome this weakness on ma body"
"Thank god for the truth...;)"
"Thank you Lord, for this promise.Tom."
"The pro-abortion crowd doesn't grasp this."
"This why we can not allow our fleshly desire to overtake us, for greater is He that is in us then he that is in the world. IF so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you. Now if any man hath not the Spirit of God he is none of HIS."
"We must not defile the temple by taking filthy steps."
"Ye are not your own, for ye were bought with a price."
"@Brian Sweet (nice surname) people who said that were not necessarily wrong. The body is the temple when the Holy Spirit resides in it. And before that because it didn't reside in them it was their own. The Holy Spirit owns the body, which is it's temple only when it resides there, when that person has been bought at the price of Christ's blood."
"Amen Greater is He that's is in me than he that's in the wold!"
"Amen! We should use our body for God's glory"
"GOD's call is that are bodies are a holy temple (holy place of prayer). Let's give our bodies back to HIM for a payer place, so that GOD HIMSELF may in them (our bodies)..."
"I don't usually participate in religious post but this one is a deep one. To understand what it truly means that (your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost [which is] in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own) is to say the least reality shaking."
"I have Zoe, the life of God in me. Praise God"
"I love it. I can just hear Bro Paul when he says "What?!?!""
"I, INDEED literally am the property of GOD and HIS Son, JESUS CHRIST!! I also know that if I do NOT OBEY ALL of the commandments ( NOT SUGGESTIONS!!) of GOD, then salvation, peace of mind, true joy, health, victory will NOT be possible!! Do YOU smoke, drink alcohol?? Do you see the CLEAR difference between Satan and a TRUE Christian???? It is quite simple.......one disobeys GOD and the other OBEYS GOD!!! PLEASE continue texting Scripture, but OBEDIENCE is DEFINITELY NOT in fashion nowadays!! Even among supposed Christians. 98% of you Christians attend church on the day the pagans worshipped the sun, Sunday. GOD clesrly says HIS DAY is the seventh day, Saturday, but oh no, virtually every " christian " argues that their pastor or priest or minister or church or even the Bible says it is supposed to be Sunday. Well, MANY are called, but FEW are chosen. The catholic church made Sunday the " official " day of worship. You are ALL breaking the one " test " commandment!!! The 4 th one!! And tells us through JAMES, that if you are guilty of breaking just ONE of the commandments, you are guilty of......murder, false witness, adultery etc. Keeping The CORRECT Sabbath Day is EXTREMELY important!!! Stop being a follower of man or woman or child!!! GOD tells us that if we put our trust in man ( mankind ) it is a CURSE!!! THESE ARE THEE LAST DAYS people, almost all the signs spoken of by JESUS ( Mattew 24 ) and in many other portions of The Holy Bible have ALREADY OCCURED!!! One third of The Bible is prophecy and 90% of that prophecy is for now!! Virtually ALL prophecy is DUAL!! If you ate following a man or woman who has a degree in ministry or theology or is popular and tells you things that just make you FEEL good. You are cursed!! Sorry folks, but that is the plain UNADULTERED TRUTH!!"
"Ian, most students of the Bible know that Jesus wasn't born on Dec. 25th. I try to celebrate His birth every day of the year; with a thankful heart and by trying to live a life worthy of Him. It makes no difference what day we choose to celebrate. As for knowing it all... I don't worry. I see through a glass darkly but when I see my Lord face-to-face ALL things will be clear. All I need to know is Christ crucified for me. I let the Holy Spirit teach me through the WORD and trust in God to lead me where I need to go. It's a 'faith walk'."
"Ideed our bodies are the temple of God,whether there4 ye eat,or drink,or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God."
"Jesus is the righteous judge & God will judge the world in righteousness. Religion is always judging women & men on the outer & what they wear, and put little faith in faith itself. We people spend their time pointing their religion exposes their deep rooted fear. God says he didn't not give you the Spirit of fear, nor is he the author of confusion.hmmm. So many faithful women of faith all through the bible & guess what? The Lord God was worried about what they were wearing, because searches the heart, religious zealots spend their time judging the outside by their own self-righteousness. Sister phoebe thank u for delivering the epistle of Romans to Rome from Corinthians by the direction of the Apostle Paul. Awesome woman of faith,Amen"
"Lord, i ask 4 mo grace, power n wisdom 2 keep this ua temple holy and pure and wthout blemish."
"Must therefore keep the body clean."
"Nothing better than the word to remind you to KEEP IT CLEAN."
"Our body and soul, are the temple of God, we dont abuse our body because this is holy.. and sanctuary in the eyesof the Lord. Be Holy coz OUr Father God is Holy."
"Tank u king james bible. We av 2 kip our body 4 Christ."
"Thank u lord Jesus?"
"Thank yoy Lord for Loving dis unperfect soul...."
"The perfect will of God for mankind!"
"The Temple of God went from a building to a body. Amen."
"Think on it.. what are you sharing with the Lord when you are using your body every day?"
"This reminds me of the ark of the covenant, you mean im like the ark of God that lead the children of israel on the wilderness?- You mean im this powerful? Halleluyah."
"We must read the bible everyday because it's God's word..it helps us strengthen our faith to God."
"Well I give my Father in heaven thanks everyday through & in my savior Christ Jesus. I don't need the 25th. But let all that have breath just praise The Lord & patiently wait in prayer & sharing the Gospel of life with others & strengthening one another by his word daily. No need to fight, he knows who belong to him & those who reject the free gift of salvation. So know your position in Christ & rest in his finished work, knowing Idols are nothing & fear & confusion is not of the Spirit of The Lord God,Amen"
"Women, dress correctly for u women should not put on men's garments"
"Ye are not your own... Translates, I am not my ego. I am not this self that I believe myself to be. I am by far much more indeed. To say God is out there somewhere in the Universe is a false reality because he lives within me there for I AM."
"Yes Lord. Help me Jesus. Quicken God expediately Ur Spirit within me. Help me learn how to operate benefits of the Spirit tht U deposited within me. Mercy amen."
"@Darlington...if you are born again, your body becomes the temple of the most high. It is actually a great advantage to you if you understand the spiritual implications of such spiritual status"
"Amen i know that's right !!"
"Amen in Jesus name amen!!!!!!!!"
"Amen! We are His, and He is ours."
"Amen.. therefore we must use our body for the glory of GOD!"
"And a murder and the father of the LIE. Jesus gives us LIFE. Praise GOD."
"Avoid sin because it defiles the body.live a holy and remain with the spirit of God,Amen."
"Because our body have with spirit of god so do good for good is with us"
"Bought by a price let's glorify God in our bodies"
"Clean Heart and Clean Body"
"Deuteronomy 22:5 KJB Why not use that verse for the caption under this picture....."
"Do Not let Satan take away the celebration of the birth of Lord and Savior! No matter when the conception or birth really was. "For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord." Luke 2:11 Satan can not change this fact... That he WAS born that he DID come to SAVE us and the tomb is EMPTY!"
"Fearful and wonderfully made"
"Gods Spirit(The Holy Spirit, The seal of God, The helper, The invisible image of God: mind, will, emotions. The living Son(Spirit) in you & you in Him(The Visible Lord God,Jesus Christ). And who does the Father(Spirit of God) like hearing of? His Beloved first begotten Son From the dead, Jesus(The word of God). Romans 1:17 & Romans 10:17. Must more to this scripture than what we see & read. Grieve not the Holy Spirit of God & listen and follow his Son(Romans Thru Philemon to all gentile believers,Amen)."
"Help me Lord to keep yr house clean"
"I have heard this before, and it makes sense."
"I know my body is a temple thats y am tring hard 2 keep it holy n pure"
"I like the King James Bible version only...."
"I sure hope the government opens their eyes and realizes that human life is God's Property, and not the ownership of man. Some women say it's their body, and they can do what they want want with it, but it isn't their body it's God's body, He owns it, & all the cattle on a 1000 hills!"
"I was just looking at this scripture last night!"
"Its shameful for a women to put on a tight trousers thus filth,they are supposed to dress discent"
"Just help us to do your will ooh God"
"Keep thy body holy so dat d Holy Spirit wl 4eva reside in u."
"Lord help us to keep our body clean and sanctify. Amen."
"Lord,take possession of my body !"
"Nothing like the word of the holy father, don't u realize the meaning of this, i always say that "the body is a temple that belongs to the holy father, this temple is to glorify his name and to offer it to him , why we always use it for other purposes, an example to write on it, mean (tattoos), this temple should be clean and it should belong to him as it is clean n pure when we die there should be no mark , same as the soul, as your soul is marry to your body n we are married to God, (heavenly father Jesus), bless be thy name!!"
"Oh! Thanks Jesus control this body which U had give me."
"Our bodies is the temple of The Lord that is a wonderful reminder thank you!!"
"Pls 4give me Lord cause so many time I think about myself 4getting I belong 2 u."
"Praise God that He chose me to be His dwelling place."
"Praise God, what a wondeful testimony to Jesus, I believe !! Merry Christmas !"
"Thank god fo ur word dis morning"
"Thank Thee LORD for willing to dwell in the cleansed heart of sinful man, all because of Jesus' nail pierced hands."
"Thats right our body is the temple of GOD,we must be care of it"
"The true body follows the Head."
"This is what I use on face book love it"
"Why should not believers by faith in the gospel of their salvation(Yeshua,Jesus) not argue about the TRUTH? Because our Abba Father by his Beloved Son, Jesus has already silenced all critics. We are in the grace age now, but one day all those critics will come to know, believe & bow & confess with their own mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord,Amen. So suffer them for Christ sake with hope that they came to faith in Christ before it is to late,Amen"
"Ye were bought with a price,"
"Yes it does. Once we accept the first lie. We will be fed more lies. Example. The Sabbath. We been lied to on so many thing in the BIBLE. Whe we need to do is read for ourselves and try to understand what we read. It is better to go to HELL on your own lie than someone elses own."
"Yes it is!!!"
"Yes it is. amen"
"Yes our body is the temple of God"
"You need to read more of God's words and understand it. The Bible is the inspired and only infallible and Authoritative word of GOD. (2 Timothy 3:16 ) don't rely on hearsays! read the Bible , the truth will set you free."

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