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2/25/2014, 12:18am by "Nicholus ariedi": Fellowworkers equal labourers working the Lords field each one according to his asigned task in the same field the church Paul and Apollos were serving on behalf of God at that field in corinth in the sameway we as labourers we are to serve our employer not looking down on other labourers because we are answerable to the same master Christ Jesus who has apointed us to work his field as faithful ambasador representing him here on earth persuading the world to come in christ and walk in him but the servants of today see their brothers and sisters in the service as competitors istead of co workers hey there is nobody s flock they belong to GOD the church including those in the service belongs to Jesus we are his field we are being worked by the Holy spirit that is why he apointed some prophets apostles evangelist pastors teachers and teachers to work the Lord s field church to the maturity for the coming of the day of the LORD

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