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2/07/2021, 2:36pm by "Chris": That indeed is a true declaration of the Spirit's Work in your life, your understanding of the Scriptures & your dealing with the enemy of our souls. The Power & Authority of God's Word will always cause the enemy to flee. The calling upon the Lord, engages all of Heaven's resources for your benefit, resulting in a joyous victory. Yabe, may you continue to rejoice, keeping your eyes affixed upon the "Author & Finisher of your faith".

2/07/2021, 11:23am by "Yabe Bezabeh": When all other verses fed away for a while from memories, when I am severely in pain and hurt and life seems so unfair and bitter and unfairness takes place and my emotion and accusations takes over and the devil thinks he has won, and I feel as I have failed somehow and hopelessNess comes and there is nothing can be done about the situation, I still cling to my LORD whatever the case. I tell the devil that if God is with me who on earth can be against me? I remind him that He is obviously a loser and that I have the ALMIGHTY God in me who is so much greater and that I am not supposed to trust humans but just love them while I just TRUST my LORD to the end for He is the one who is able to get me to the place where eyes has not seen not ears have not heard......... Amen forever

8/18/2015, 6:07am by "Renee": I received this word just now!!!! believing God and his word!!! that it will accomplish everything it is send out to do!!! This verse speaks life!!!

7/05/2015, 10:33am by "Demetrius": There is no doubt the promises attached to this verse can 't be compared money or any material gain. Ignorance has a way of keeping you around your destiny but the Holy Spirit has a way of revealing it to you.

6/02/2015, 8:22am by "MockingBird": We have now the earnest of the Spirit : That is a down payment with payment in full to come at His return : From time to time Spirit of God is so manifestly wide open at times I believe that I am already in heaven with my Lord : If I see the down payment as so unspeakable and full of Glory : no wonder we need a glorified body to be IN the very presence of God for eternity : Oh !! Glory what a time such as this :

5/30/2015, 3:00pm by "GOD": The very thing god has instore for us is the destruction of mans system which was created by satan and the birth of gods system on earth.the system we live by today rules the whole world,it creates wars,terrorism,crime,uprisings,poor,middle class,rich people,taxes,bills and money.this system is flawed massively,and it will be anhilated.gods system is different,there will be no wars,terrorism,crime,uprisings,pooror the bad things mentioned above but all the people of earth will be rich.we go to work for a material cash that was given to us for nothing to pay for gold which was also given to us for nothing,god provided us everything for nothing because he worked for us out of love and kindness,he worked for 6 days,how much money did we give him?? None!!!! we as humans should be working like the red ants,they work hard to provide for the queen,humans queen is life itself,under gods system everyone will be equal,the man stacking the shelves at the supermarket will be as important as the prime minister,everyone should know theirplace,basically,we will have to work to get everything for nothing,eg.no gas,electric,water or food bills,free alcohol,free petrol,diesel,brand new cars,free tvs,laptops,phones,conservataries,houses,flats,appartments,no taxes of any kind,money will be in the museums,obviously there will be laws but if u dont break the law it simply does not apply to you.this is exactly what god has instore for us!!!

10/14/2014, 5:24pm by "margaret davis": This scripture excites me but also causes me to pause......how important it is for us to draw close to the Holy Spirit who will give us great revelation of the things of God!

9/07/2014, 9:50am by "Vanessa Thompson": The best is yet to come!!!!! 1. Turned my mourning into dancing 2. Weeping turned into joy 3. Your heaviness turned into praise Your best is yet to come!!!!!

7/19/2014, 2:07pm by "ifeanyi stephen": This scriptural verse is indeed the greatest promise of love by our lovely father, it is our hope, strength, courage and assurance that at the END there is an unimmaginable, unthinkable and a precious price awaiting us both in heaven and on earth. Amen.

5/15/2014, 1:15pm by "LARPEI TIMOTHY": Another infinite power of our creator.Do christians really thirst for such things? I am not sure of myself.God Help us crave and yearn for your devine promises.May we always Truly hunger and Thirst for things Above as stated by paul in his letters to the colossians in chapter 3.

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