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4/19/2015, 6:00am by "Rosalindz": I think that people really don 't understand what Jesus who is the almighty God did on Calvery 's cross for them, He who had no sin loved humanity so much died for us so that we can obtain eternal life through him..people in the world need to take advantage of salvation, We can have a better world if we get rid of sin and it 's only through Christ Jesus.

4/08/2015, 11:31am by "Ella Thompson": How heavy that cross was showing how heavy our sins were on just one man the man that at the end proved to be the only way by which man could have a relationship with God by dying on the cross and giving his life a ransom for many then three days later rose from the dead and gave way for the Holy spirit, the Counselor, to guide us into all truth. Truly to those who are being saved it is the power of God!

3/10/2015, 10:30pm by "wakuma": It is the central message of christianity

1/28/2015, 8:40am by "Sandani Isaac Madumi": It is absolutely true that who never faced difficulty in life will say that but those who have seen and receive protection they know exactly the power of the cross.

9/09/2014, 9:34am by "Marcos Montalvo": God sees it all He makes all things new, My failures are His portraits. If I am a fool that 's because the Power of my God made me one.

9/08/2014, 3:22am by "MockingBird": It is sad that people that profess that they are a Christian do not know of the reality of the cross of Jesus Christ. Truly the cross of Christ is the power of God unto salvation to all that believe and I believe !!!! I kneel at the cross much I would rather be a fool for God than a fool for the devil and his crowd.

8/28/2014, 3:04pm by "BlOSSOM": People only perish because of lack of knowladge once we can understand the word of the cross wewl always be in the power of God.Jesus is indeed our God

5/08/2013, 11:34pm by "Nnodim uche": It is good 2 giv yr lyf 2 christ and be a fellower of christ jesus

4/30/2012, 7:51am by "Jerry": My name is Jerry; Was born again in the 60s during the "Hippie Rev"...was never one; was not looking for Jesus; {Who by the way was not lost}Jesus found me, and i was instantly & radically changed into a follower of Christ...A young 19 yr.old {Christian} named "Jerry Gray"blessed us with his brief presence in his life; my point is this;i live among a whole host of (Mormons)and recently asked them why they have no "Cross" on their temples; the simple response was, it is foolish to display something{Like the Cross} that was used to kill someone on...I asked them were they "Born Again" and they didn't even know what i meant...

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