1 Chronicles Chapter 3 Discussion

  • Annysia on 1 Chronicles 3
    It's fascinating to see how David's bloodline reaches because of the power and lands he held during his time as a king. I didn't know that he ruled different lands at different times. What confuses me is he was regarded as being beloved by God but at the same time, teachings during that time say that polygamy was seen as wrong. Someone beloved by God should be abiding his teachings, right? I may be wrong with my timeline on when polygamy was regarded as immoral, though.
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  • Esther Abwa on 1 Chronicles 3
    Wow!David had six children by six different wives within seven and a half years in He-bron(v1-4).He also had nine children(+)in Jerusalem from wives and concubines.According to prophecy,the Saviour was to come through the line of David,(Solomon and Nathan in v5). As God had blessed David with all things,yet had wedded one man,Adam, to one wife, Eve at the beginning,it appears to me that the devil attempted once again to corrupt 'the seed of the woman' and indeed,launch an attack on David (2Sam12:7-14)'the man after God's own heart' (1Sam13:14). Glory be to God that Matthew 1:1 confirms '..the generation of Jesus Christ,the son of David...' and that God cannot lose a battle, Hallelujah! I have learned that I should not give 'great occasion to the enemies of the LORD to blaspheme...'I also note how mysteriously God worked to equip His Son,Jesus Christ who came through some bad,good and even strange people in the line to save all people who would accept Him.

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