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  • MM
    The chapter shows us that there is no human power that can overcome the tempter.David,a man after God's heart was defeated.This shows us that our stronghold is in Christ whom the Lord of mercy has given us as a sacrifice.David realized his mistakes what about you and me?
  • Lorease
    Anonymous verse 13- David understood his enemies would not show mercy and would destroy him. Man's heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked who can know it -Jer 17:9. Meanwhile, David had a relationship w/God and understood our God is MERCIFUL
  • Anonymous (verse 13)
    Why did David choose not to fall into the hands of the enemy?
  • Christ Magnified Glorifying Jesus
    Terrifying portion of scripture. David was cautioned by (in human terms) a "lesser man" ,Joab, to not number the people. It it were to happen it would be trusting the flesh for potential victory. Not only would David fall into the trap, but also the other leaders and the people of Israel. What a price is paid when we trust not the Spirit, but place trust in the flesh.
  • Peter A. Okebukola
    I am in perfect agreement with you (A Disciple) on this. Thanks for your elucidation
  • A disciple
    Hi Peter; I want to add to what you wrote. I'm sure it was simply a choice of words; but we resist the devil with the appropriate Scripture, and stand strong and firm and true; and flee from situations of temptations; but we don't run away from the devil, we rebuke him in Jesus' name! He is under our authority in the Lord. I know you know this, but just wanted to emphasize. Remember the Martyrs!
  • Peter A. Okebukola
    Satan caused David to err by undertaking an unnecessary census of the Israelites. He saw the grave repercussion. The kind heart of the Lord held up further destruction by the angel. The lesson here is that we should strive to have the Holy Spirit in us so as to resist and flee from the devil. In an event we are overpowered by the devil, we should plead the mercy of God.
  • Sedric
    This is as easy as it comes...there is no different here...the devil had to get permission from God
  • Shirley.
    Giving Honor to the Lord our Saviour. 1Chronicles states Satan stood up against Isreal and decieved David into numbering Isreal. 2David told Joab to go and the rulers of the people, go number Isreal from Beershebato Dan. And bring h the total. That he may know it.3 and Joan said to David may the Lord multiply his people a hundred times But, my Lord the King are they all my Lord servants?
  • Manford malemia
    David falls under and is defeated by satanic trial. He numbered the Israelites.Each sin has consequences. His nauh!on faces a plague. Prior to it, .he had already confessed of his sin and repented it. GOD removed the plague. Oh! How wonderful is our merciful, infallible and hearing GOD.
  • Mprince
    @"Wilson" Gad was most likely a priest of God but serving the king and in this case King David.
  • Wilson for verse 18
    Is Gad n angel or an ordinary person in the bible?
  • Henriette
    what I find interesting is that in the cross reference, it was Saten that moved David to number the children of Isreal....(1 Chron 21:1)..the conclusion I draw is that Satan should be translated opponent or adversary here....same hebrew word
  • Russell
    mine its a question.Why did David refused to have a free threshingfloor for offering from Ornan, unlike current leaders in differnt circles who ask the general public to do free donations even to churches.
  • Joel
    Satan in verse one is not an external being. The parallel account in 2 Samuel 24: 1 explains: Now again the anger of the LORD burned against Israel, and it incited David against them to say, "Go, number Israel and Judah." The original word means opponent, adversary, as in Numbers 22:22, it can even be good: an angel of God.

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