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  • Mary
    We see that David was a fighter a mighty warrior,and no matter the fight or the Giants he faced,He managed to always when and prosper and gain spoil and other things of value as long as he consulted in God first!The same can happen with us today.If we Consult with God in every battle we face no matter the cercumstances or The Giants we face,We can win the battle,prosper and gain as well!!Amen
  • Eric
    When David was preparing to battle Goliath he chose five smooth stones. He never thought that he would need more than one to kill Goliath! He chose four others for the four other giants he saw in the Philistine army, Goliath's brother and sons.
  • Irene123
    To Friday Ogiri - If you will sincerely pray and ask in Jesus - He will lead you to those 'Elhanans
  • Ar
    We must remember that this is the old testament and under the Law. Today we are in the new testament with the grace of God and the Holy Spirit guides us. Jesus is the head and we are members of His body
  • Friday Ogiri for verse 1
    Goliath was not only giant who wanted to defy the children of God; there are others giants who are willing to destroy the children of God today.Where are Elhanans and Johnathans of our generation?
  • Stanjett
    In the nba.

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