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  • Chris for verse 12
    Psalms 32 is similar to Psalms 51, in that David is baring his heart before the LORD. It was only by confession & God's forgiveness (v 5), that David could sing songs of deliverance. He could also experience first hand the security (v 7) & guidance (v 8) that he longed for, that which was denied him while he had unforgiven sin in his heart. Verse 8, which you enquire about, is God's gentle way He deals with His children, unlike for some Christians who need the bit & bridle to steer them in the right way. God's preferred way is to teach & show us gently the paths we should take & His Eye (an intensely personal application) will always follow our steps. We must also keep our eyes on Him too.
  • George for verse 12
    What is god saying
    I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye.
  • What do this story really do means??? 1-chronicles 16 VS 11 -12-13
  • Toni Serfas
    I have no conception of what anyone thinks of the BIBLE. My thoughts are that no matter how many Bishops, Preachers, Pastors and so forth will never understand all of whatever version of the Bible is. They make money off their thought process of the Bible and no one being will ever comprehend what Gods's intention is for the World with the exception of Emanuel Jesus Christ.
  • Aaron Parrish
    For those who have been saved by his strength and mercy, His face is the grandest of hopes and most humbling of sights.
  • Dorothy
    How is this a bible verse , Rev martin luke king is not in the bible , I would like to read what the lord said. Amen thank you.
  • Charley
    the prosperity gospel is out of hell. repent man is lost and of need of a saviour
    his name is jesus christ. run from the prosperity gospel it will send you to hell
    repent or perish. Luke 13-3
  • Cephas
    I will call upon the LORD, who is worthy to be praised: so shall I be saved from mine enemies. Therefore will I give thanks unto thee, O LORD, among the heathen, and sing praises unto thy name. Sing praises to God, sing praises: sing praises unto our King, sing praises.
  • Cephas
    Bless Your Name, our LORD and Precious Savior JESUS CHRIST. Thank You.
  • Geraldine cole
    Father God Praise Jesus The Son Of God who was sent to die in our place Thank U Jesus for doing that now if we will Repent of our sin and ask Jesus to come into our life he will clean us up from the inside out and then if we pray and ask him he will give us his Holy Ghost and he the Holy Ghost will help us he will lead and guide us to the truth Amen
  • Lilian
    Seek the Lord and his strength Seek his face continually Amen thank you Jesus Jehova Shalom I will seek your face forever Lord Jesus for you alone are the light of the world in you there is no darkness Amen
  • Peter A. Okebukola
    The inaugural psalm of David in this chapter is moving. It underlines the need for us to praise God ALWAYS and give him adoration for His power and might.
  • Peter A. Okebukola
    The inaugural psalm of David in this chapter is moving. It underlines the need for us to praise God ALWAYS and give him adoration for His power and might.
  • Lorraine Magarian
    Amen! amen!
  • Jackie Hundley Lorick
    GOD,Is Good And HE Will Do What HE, Said ...
  • David nkpoku
    Being righteous is very important and is the key to prosperity.
  • Lindale coleman
    Jehovah shalom the God of righteousness
  • BSP
    God is always good as verse 34 brings out.
  • Jackie hundley lorick
    GOD is good all the time
  • Elisha
    The more we realise our utter dependence on Christ, the more we will live on our knees. That's where God is our strength. Hallelujah
  • Denman
    To me, this scripture means to read, pray, and study the Word of God daily. It means to acknowledge Him in all my ways, not to leave God out of any part of the life that He has given to me and that the enemy cannot do me any harm. Totally, lean and depend on God for everything. Because He is my loving Father.
  • Charlotte
    When we search for God with our whole heart, then he will be found. His strength will he provide as we continually stay before his presence in prayer.
  • JuditLaw
    I did not understand what seek ye face meant, until I read this, "The joy of the Lord is my strength. To seek His face and to have His joy abiding in me is to be in His word daily." Thank you for the comment above.
  • Lilian
    When we follow Jesus we will seek his face and his strength continually. Our prayers today must be completed with thanksgiving and praises for he is worthy to be praise amen. No matter what life you are facing dont lose your hands with God. All blessing assign to us will come it is He who holds are today and tomorrow in the palm of his hands thank you Lord Jehovah for the blood you shed for us
  • William
    The Lord is my Rock, my salvation, my fortress. In Him all things are possible. In Thee I trust.
    we need to look for Him because there is where we are told to seek Him while He may be found,so I see this is when we can do this even seek Him amen.
  • Munalula Kayama
    I am Christian and the point I was trying to deliver is that we should be careful with the source of miracles being performed.
  • Marilyn Howder
    I can picture like a movie in my head every time I read a chapter I be super excited
  • Men should always pray.
  • AMEN JAY for verse 11

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