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  • Brenda SMITH
    Wow its soamazing that the times the men of issachar has change what if we were living it now
  • Patrick for verse 32
    It is very imperative for us to know the times,more especially in making decision about fulltime ministry. We turn to blame God,as it was not yet the time
  • Destiny aaron for verse 32
    These men were very observant of the time and knew when to act, lesson for our generation to know that the times are no more and we should read the hand writing on the wall that the appointed time of the appearance of the KIng is at hand
  • Davies
    I admire the strength, skill and readiness to war by the team. I however agree that without the understanding of the time as did the Issachar,then all would be in vein. I belong to the Issachar,Amen.
  • Tyson Mulundu GR for verse 32
    And if there be a moment or time in life wher we need to be like them its now To avoid distraction
  • Rev Festus for verse 32
    the men of Issachar were wise and prudent They could discern the politics of their times and knew when and how to act They were visionary knowledgeable and insightful For those who would understand the times God expects that we should be current with the happenings around willing to submit to an inevitable change courageous to yield to new leadership and ready to obey the word of God
  • Festus for verse 32
    The men of Issachar wer prudent wise and discerning They understood the mood of the nation and knew when to act They displayed astute knowledge of politics and current power tussle A

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