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  • Is this the same Adam as the first man created? I didn't know he had a son Sheth, unless that's the same man as Seth?
  • Mickey - in Reply on 1 Chronicles 1:1
    Adams son Abel was murdered by son named Cain. Third son Seth was born later. The bloodline that would bring Jesus continued through Seth. All people that carried the bloodline are recorded in the Bible.
  • Shuna Hoshi on 1 Chronicles 1
    Praying for the leading of the Lord before reading the Bible.It gives us the leading of His Holy Spirit.Leading us,directing us and giving Revelation of every word of God. Glory to Jesus !
  • Amimo D. on 1 Chronicles 1
    its amazing how it travels over time to link generations, this is so sweet to read
  • Thomas A Blair on 1 Chronicles 1
    Seeking the story in the Old Testament of the Authorized King James Version of 1611 when the Joshua or some of his "administration" made a contract with Canaanitish people in direct conflict of God's command and clear instruction to not enter into treaties with the peoples of Canaan. They were somewhere in there identified as Nethinim and became servants of the Children of Israel.
  • I must admit that reading chapters with names like these gives me such a headache, then I realized that I was being self-centered and selfish. Our God has given us the means to understand and prove to our own future generations where the authority comes from.
  • Chrissy on 1 Chronicles 1
    When people write in the word, they should add pronunciations to some words cuase I was reading it and I could of sworn I was about to pass out, the names were sooo hard that I felt like I was going on a whimb. that's all I want to say. bye.
  • Irene123 on 1 Chronicles 1
    To anyone on here, to get a good understanding of these 'tough' chapters, type in 'Matthew Henry's complete Bible commentary' on a search engine such as Ask.com, Scroll to the title I gave you; there is also always a 'concise' commentary, which is shorter for looking for just one or 2 verses. I read just the first 2 -3 pp of 1 chr. 2 - it was so good.
  • To M. Verrell on 1 Chronicles 1
    When you want to know about a book, go to the 'commentary' above 'comments'. It's always by Matthew Henry and he is GOOD. It's plain to see the Lord led him to do this. Matthew H. was an English preacher in the 1700's. England was one of the countries where the Reformation took hold and produced lot of men led of God. You can see God was with them in their writings.
  • In HIS name on 1 Chronicles 1
    Chronicles is a tough book, but it also is a great time line - when you really learn to study it.
    It's a calendar if you will...
  • Karl on 1 Chronicles 1
    to Delroy - I'm reading chronicles and I have to admit it can be hard to get through. Read through the books again, the message is "hidden" in the text. The lessons are not only in what is said, but how it is said. We will see the "lessons" reflected in the text when we learn to see ourselves through the text. The same for all the bible I reckon - hope that helps?
  • Delroy on 1 Chronicles 1
    If one does not study Chronicles is he or she neglecting to study the Bible? I know all the Bible is God's word and He has a reason why they are there so help me out here
  • Leonard on 1 Chronicles 1
    I know that I'm a year later here but to answer Carl,but here goes... Peleg was born in the time of genesis between Noah and Abraham... the division spoken of is when God confounded the people's language and scattered them abroad so that they would leave off from building the tower of babel
  • Tori on 1 Chronicles 1
    Mark V, .... I actually read each and every word/name. The sentiments of my flesh exacting yours. However, my spirit ate it up! Will my flesh recite back all those names? No. When I got to Noah I realized this chapter was somewhat of a fast forward sum up. But my soul and spirit rejoiced when I realized the "bloodline" of Jesus had been revealed. Just know that God makes no mistakes.
  • Mark verrell on 1 Chronicles 1
    it is too intense, from the very 1st verse, one needs to be well learned to get the depth of these two BOOKS, (the meaning of every name) who actually reads these books? I am pondering why did GOD put these two books in the BIBLE, I don't want to question GOD because GOD is who HE is GOD the Almighty ALL KNOWING AND ALL WISE so HIS REASONS DO NOT HAVE TO BE KNOWN ALL THE TIME.
  • Rick Taylor on 1 Chronicles 1
    perhaps not only the division, but also a key strategic reference to how the latter rain church will be constituted..just a thought though,as I only know the meaning of one name .earthquake..thanks for sharing that b.t.w
  • Peleg for in his days the earth was divided. Peleg 6389 Strong 's the same as 6388 earthquake 6388 Strong 's the same as 6385 palag, paw-lag ' a prim. root to split lit. or fig. :-divide The division of the Northern "tribes " from the Southern "tribes " may be the time this name is depicting. Was this in the time of Rehoboam and Jeroboam and the split of the two houses? Why would one make note of an "earthquake " in a name if there was only division amongst the "tribes "? And was this what it was or was there an actual earthquake in diverse places to have divided the people? One may believe it to be a simple thing such as the division of the houses of Israel, but again why would a father name one of his son 's a name meaning "earthquake " unless the land was actually physically divided?
  • Anonymous on 1 Chronicles 1:7
    we have to know God
  • Don Tim Dinero on 1 Chronicles 1:28
    Am in love with Lord Jesus Chrish..he love, he gives life to the death.
  • Pls what is the biblical meaning of Bilhan?
  • Bryan Petree on 1 Chronicles 1
    When you read Genesis 24 50 isn 't Laban and Bethuel Ishmeal son 's?
  • Daniel Okuniewicz on 1 Chronicles 1
    i can't comment. I have a very hard time understanding what they are trying to pass on to us.
    Because of that I feel that I am not good enough to be able to hang out with Jesus when I die although i would love to be able to meet Jesus and be his friend.I feel he would be the best friend anybody could have.
  • Daniel Okuniewicz on 1 Chronicles 1
    i can't comment. I have a very hard time understanding what they are trying to pass on to us.
  • Banimibo-ofori Jack on 1 Chronicles 1
    Read carefully and you might understand that Job was not a Jew. But he hailed from the east.
  • Amanda on 1 Chronicles 1
    thank you god for great people like Abraham and other's
  • Sharon on 1 Chronicles 1:19
    continents were broken up (divided)
  • Simone Morenzie on 1 Chronicles 1
    I dont know were job comes in ethier
  • Isac on 1 Chronicles 1
    i love my Jesus;and your bible verses
  • Sarah on 1 Chronicles 1
    I think it's really interesting how the current palastinians are actually the decendents of the Ishmealites. If only Sarah would have trusted God and Abraham would have flat out refused to get with Hagar. Also I wonder about the concubines children and if they ended up becoming eventual enemies is Isreal too! Interesting for sure!
  • Kavingara Ziba on 1 Chronicles 1
    Just to ask, where is JOB in this chronicle, does he comes after or before Abraham?


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