1 Chronicles 29:6 MEANING

1 Chronicles 29:6
(6) Then the chief of the fathers.--And the princes of the clans, &c., volunteered, showed themselves liberal (n?dib: 1 Chronicles 28:21; comp. Proverbs 19:6).

Chief . . . princes . . . captains . . . rulers.--All these words represent a single Hebrew term (s?rim). Princes of the clans or houses = heads of the houses elsewhere.

With the rulers of the king's work.--The stewards or bailiffs of the royal domains (1 Chronicles 27:25-31). The construction here is like that in 1 Chronicles 28:21. The particle rendered "with" (le) appears to mean much the same as '?d, "even unto," assigning an inclusive limit.

Verse 6. - The response was hearty; it comprised voluntary gifts from the most of those mentioned in 1 Chronicles 28:1; and described in 1 Chronicles 27:16-31. For the rulers of the king's work, see 1 Chronicles 27:26; 1 Chronicles 28:1. As the more general term "work" is employed, we are not bound to confine the expression to include only those who managed "the substance and cattle" of 1 Chronicles 28:1.

29:1-9 What is done in works of piety and charity, should be done willingly, not by constraint; for God loves a cheerful giver. David set a good example. This David offered, not from constraint, or for show; but because he had set his affection to the house of God, and thought he could never do enough towards promoting that good work. Those who would draw others to good, must lead the way themselves.Then the chief of the fathers and princes of the tribes of Israel,.... The princes of the twelve tribes:

and the captains of thousands, and of hundreds, with the rulers over the king's work; who were now assembled, 1 Chronicles 28:1.

offered willingly; and cheerfully; needed no more arguments to press them to it, but at once readily communicated.

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