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1 Wisdom hath builded her house, she hath hewn out her seven pillars:

2 She hath killed her beasts; she hath mingled her wine; she hath also furnished her table.

3 She hath sent forth her maidens: she crieth upon the highest places of the city,

4 Whoso is simple, let him turn in hither: as for him that wanteth understanding, she saith to him,

5 Come, eat of my bread, and drink of the wine which I have mingled.

6 Forsake the foolish, and live; and go in the way of understanding.

7 He that reproveth a scorner getteth to himself shame: and he that rebuketh a wicked man getteth himself a blot.

8 Reprove not a scorner, lest he hate thee: rebuke a wise man, and he will love thee.

9 Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be yet wiser: teach a just man, and he will increase in learning.

10 The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.

11 For by me thy days shall be multiplied, and the years of thy life shall be increased.

12 If thou be wise, thou shalt be wise for thyself: but if thou scornest, thou alone shalt bear it.

13 A foolish woman is clamorous: she is simple, and knoweth nothing.

14 For she sitteth at the door of her house, on a seat in the high places of the city,

15 To call passengers who go right on their ways:

16 Whoso is simple, let him turn in hither: and as for him that wanteth understanding, she saith to him,

17 Stolen waters are sweet, and bread eaten in secret is pleasant.

18 But he knoweth not that the dead are there; and that her guests are in the depths of hell.


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Matthew Henry's Proverbs Chapter 9 Bible commentary...

The invitations of Wisdom. (1-12) The invitations of folly. (13-18)1-12 Christ has prepared ordinances to which his people are admitted, and by which nourishment is given here to those that believe in him, as well as mansions in heaven hereafter. The ministers of the gospel go forth to invite the guests. The call is general, and shuts out none that do not shut out themselves. Our Saviour came, not to call the righteous, but sinners; not the wise in their own eyes, who say they see. We must keep from the company and foolish pleasures of the ungodly, or we never can enjoy the pleasures of a holy life. It is vain to seek the company of wicked men in the hope of doing them good; we are far more likely to be corrupted by them. It is not enough to forsake the foolish, we must join those that walk in wisdom. There is no true wisdom but in the way of religion, no true life but in the end of that way. Here is the happiness of those that embrace it. A man cannot be profitable to God; it is for our own good. Observe the shame and ruin of those who slight it. God is not the Author of sin: and Satan can only tempt, he cannot force. Thou shalt bear the loss of that which thou scornest: it will add to thy condemnation.

13-18 How diligent the tempter is, to seduce unwary souls into sin! Carnal, sensual pleasure, stupifies conscience, and puts out the sparks of conviction. This tempter has no solid reason to offer; and where she gets dominion in a soul, all knowledge of holy things is lost and forgotten. She is very violent and pressing. We need to seek and pray for true wisdom, for Satan has many ways to withdraw our souls from Christ. Not only worldly lusts and abandoned seducers prove fatal to the souls of men; but false teachers, with doctrines that flatter pride and give liberty to lusts, destroy thousands. They especially draw off such as have received only partial serious impressions. The depths of Satan are depths of hell; and sin, without remorse, is ruin, ruin without remedy. Solomon shows the hook; those that believe him, will not meddle with the bait. Behold the wretched, empty, unsatisfying, deceitful, and stolen pleasure sin proposes; and may our souls be so desirous of the everlasting enjoyment of Christ, that on earth we may live to him, daily, by faith, and ere long be with him in glory.


Recent Comments for Proverbs Chapter 9...


Oladejo Aderemi's Proverbs Chapter 9 comment on 10/28/2014, 12:51am...

Let 's pray that Almighty God should gives us the grace to acquire wisdom and to apply it on our daily basis In Jesus Name.


Patricia Alfred's Proverbs Chapter 9 comment about verse 17 on 10/13/2014, 4:05pm...

Not unerstanding 17 and 18


Karen's Proverbs Chapter 9 comment on 10/09/2014, 3:01pm...

I am making a practice of reading a chapter a day in Proverbs, being the 9th, I read chapter 9. I believe that you could continue reading a chapter a day for years and each time you pray before reading God will reveal something different you need to hear from Him. By the way, today the word "scorned " stood out so I researched it and God revealed that I have been scorned and it has effected my daily walk and I need to release the anger and regret I have in me. The definition is "...a feeling that someone or something is not worthy of any respect or approval. " I am 55 yrs. old, married 30 years and have never felt that I deserved my husband or God 's love and foregiveness. Whoever that may read this, please pray for me in this area. Thank you


Me's Proverbs Chapter 9 comment about verse 7 on 8/12/2014, 11:13pm...

I think I live with such a person. After 30 yrs,, I will stop throwing away the pearls


Floxy's Proverbs Chapter 9 comment on 3/12/2014, 7:25am...

These passage simply says OBEY INSTRUCTION that why it says the fear of the lord is the beginning of wisdom So therefore i will oblige you to follow the word of the lord which is the Holy Bible and follow his foot step so we can get to our promised land and i pray that the lord will help us in Jesus name amen


Fay Spain's Proverbs Chapter 9 comment on 2/11/2014, 8:34am...

I think that it is preaching and is a warning to men out there who allows women such as this to destroy their lives and families Some never learn and is old and foolish and will someday be in hell and wishing for the wife of their youth We must pray that these men and foolish women are saved before that door closes


Brianna's Proverbs Chapter 9 comment about verse 13 on 1/16/2014, 5:24pm...

"This scripture goes out to all my hood chicks"

No. But I definitely find this scripture a good one to share. The whole attitude, teeth sucking, head swinging, finger pointing, barking these young girls, and hey even older women, do is considered stupid from the Bible's standpoint!

Seriously, God expects women to act like LADIES! Think before you speak! Be calm and seek to find solutions, not arguments.


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