Matthew 18:24

And when he had begun to reckon, one was brought unto him, which owed him ten thousand talents.

King James Version (KJV)

Other Translations

And when hee had begun to reckon, one was brought vnto him which ought him ten thousand talents.
- King James Version (1611) - View 1611 Bible Scan

"When he had begun to settle {them,} one who owed him ten thousand talents was brought to him.
- New American Standard Version (1995)

And when he had begun to reckon, one was brought unto him, that owed him ten thousand talents.
- American Standard Version (1901)

And at the start, one came to him who was in his debt for ten thousand talents.
- Basic English Bible

And having begun to reckon, one debtor of ten thousand talents was brought to him.
- Darby Bible

And when he had begun to reckon, one was brought to him who owed him ten thousand talents.
- Webster's Bible

But as soon as he began the settlement, one was brought before him who owed 10,000 talents,
- Weymouth Bible

When he had begun to reconcile, one was brought to him who owed him ten thousand talents.
- World English Bible

And whanne he bigan to rekene, oon that ouyte ten thousynde talentis, was brouyt to hym.
- Wycliffe Bible

and he having begun to take account, there was brought near to him one debtor of a myriad of talents,
- Youngs Literal Bible

Bible commentary

Wesley's Notes for Matthew 18:24

18:24 One was brought who owed him ten thousand talents - According to the usual computation, if these were talents of gold, this would amount to seventy - two millions sterling. If they were talents of silver, it must have been four millions, four hundred thousand pounds. Hereby our Lord intimates the vast number and weight of our offences against God, and our utter incapacity of making him any satisfaction.

People's Bible Notes for Matthew 18:24

Mt 18:24 One was brought unto him. Observe that he had to be "brought". A defaulter does not willingly come to settle his accounts, any more than a sinner would seek the bar of judgment. Which owed him ten thousand talents. An immense sum. The talent was a weight, not a coin, and its value would depend on the purity of the precious metal used in the coinage. If the Greek silver talent is meant, the ten thousand talents would about to about $7,500,000. What is meant is that the sum was beyond human ability to pay.

Discussion for Matthew 18

  • Donna
    He doesn't tell us to act like a child, He says to become as a child. When you think about it, unless a child is neglected, a child trusts that his needs will be met, without having to ask the parents daily to provide. In trusting Jesus, we must do the same, fully trusting His righteousness and His sacrifice on the cross, and not our own works. I hope this helps!
  • Vera
    Being converted is to surrender your will over to God. When we accept the Lord Jesus Christ as are Saviour we become knew into his kingdom. We must be taught the word of God. As we teach our children to listen and try to do what is right is the same way a new christian us taught. We must humble ourselves unto God and he will lead us, teach us, show us, and love us.
  • MockingBird
    A child is so trusting : not afraid !! Converted is a turning from to a turning to . The Grace of God is the efficient cause, human agency the responding effect . The grace of God is Truly Amazing !!
  • Dianne
    The message is critical . I prefer the KJV so why is there a change from "unless you are born again " to "unless you are converted". This specific terminology was even clarified by Christ to Nicodemus. Being born again was used specifacally for a reason, important enough that Christ used that terminology to clarify how absolutely lifechanging a new life in a spiritual manner in Christ must be. If Christ himself used that terminology with His explanation following it- why was it spliced out? Converted implies a change in religion or a belief a change we make,being born again stresses the miraculous new life that we receive when we accept Christ in which He dwells in us and change us .
  • BSP
    Jesus said that his disciple must be like little children. Little children are humble and teachable and we must be like them in this way.
  • Wayne
    Jesus says, v. 3 except you b converted and become as little a child, you shall not enter the kingdom of Heaven. There is no merit in just acting like a child.

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