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Joseph Appiah's comment on 9/04/2014, 5:45pm...

Once again, we see the repetitive demand of the LORD for an offering without blemish in verses 1 and 6 of this chapter. This was demanded in chapter 1 vrs 3 and is repeated twice in this chapter and other places in the Bible. It should simply tell us that God is not just interested in our services and offerings but rather interested in the quality of service and offering we give Him. If we want God to honour and accept our lives, services and offerings, then they must be without blemish or spot of blame, they must be free of sin and free of sinful motives or disposition but holy and wholly offered and yielded unto the LORD. This is what God demands and requested of us in Romans 12 vrs 1 and 2. I pray God helps us to honour and meet His demand for our lives in Jesus name, Amen. God richly bless you all.


Jona's comment on 4/10/2014, 10:23am...

every offering or everything that is for the Lord is the most best above all.and our heart should be centered on Him as we praise Him also intime of our giving.


Margaret's comment on 3/19/2014, 11:21pm...

It us God s will We must obey



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