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Add KJV Bible reference links to your website or WordPress blog with the 'KJV Bible Link Widget'. This widget will automatically find all Bible references in your text and show the Bible text for that reference, without having to link to an external website. When a Bible reference is detected, a link will be formed and when that link is hovered over, the actual KJV Bible text your references will be displayed. It's very convenient for your website users, easy to use, and free.

KJV Bible Link Widget

How to Install the KJV Bible Link Widget

Simply place the code within your website html and it will instantly show the real Bible verse text without having to link to another website. popular Bible verses. To change the size, simply modify the width and height values in the code. For example, if you wish to place in the sidebar of WordPress, you may want the width to be 200px.


Copy the RED CODE below and paste into the HTML of your web page:


Types of Bible references that are detected:

1. Single verse reference:
Format: John 3:16

2. Chapter reference:
Format: Psalm 23

3. Verse range reference:
Format: John 3:16 - 3:21

4. Using book abbreviations are allowed, it isn't case sensitive, and periods are optional. For example, these are all valid links: Jn. 3:16, jn 3:16, jOhN 3:16.

WordPress Users:

If you want to include this into a WordPress 'post', you must />
To paste a widget into a WordPress blog (only if you have it self-hosted- it may not work on

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You may also to link directly to any page of this website. Click HERE for link code examples.