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Rev. Autrey's comment on 5/27/2014, 11:56am...

Verses 8 12 8 But about the Son he says, "Your throne, O God, will last for ever and ever, and righteousness will be the scepter of your kingdom. 9 You have loved righteousness and hated wickedness therefore God, your God, has set you above your companions by anointing you with the oil of joy or by making you Christ . " 10 He also says, "In the beginning, O Lord, you laid the foundations of the earth, and the heavens are the work of your hands. 11 They will perish, but you remain they will all wear out like a garment. 12 You will roll them up like a robe like a garment they will be changed. But you remain the same, and your years will never end. " This is Jesus talking about himself, or himself when he is born on earth as a human. Notice that he calls himself both God and Lord, or Lord God. This is unmistakable proof that Jesus is God. What more evidence do we need? That 's why the four books of the Gosple are about Jesus. We see this in the writings of Paul, too. We also see this in the Book of Revelation. It 's so sad that the world has lost sight of this wonderful truth. If they knew it that would not be so quick to dishonor Jesus. And they surely would not have killed him when he was here. But you may say, what about the Father? The Father is God 's other personality, the way God directs his affairs. But in all cases, Jesus is the way God speaks to us, and the way he died on the cross for us. God bless you!


Roseler's comment on 5/25/2014, 10:57pm...

i think hebrew 1 10 is tell the thruth and the lord is made the works of thine hands


Ewere Emmanuel's comment about verse 8 on 5/16/2014, 10:58am...

I don 't even think Jesus is God, i strongly believe and i know that Jesus Is God, the only way to eternal glory


Grant's comment on 4/20/2014, 10:54am...

Many translations of the term worship can mean kneel, prostrate, kiss, bow down to, or give obeinance. Why were tbe angels of God performing this act of respect? He was a king. Ps 2 6 Dan. 7 14 Jn 17 24 . He was appionted and given rulership and was made king and made better than the angels. Phil 2 9,10. However, when he had finished destroying the last enemy of our world, he returns or gives back to his Father the crown and sits at the right side of his Father. 1Corn.15 24


Kays's comment about verse 3 on 4/07/2014, 9:17am...

J sus is the God made flesh so as to die for our sins . when he brought His Son on earth He said all angels should worship Him ,automatically qualifying to God.


Mabel Appleyard's comment about verse 14 on 3/13/2014, 5:57am...

Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth


Francis g's comment about verse 1 on 3/10/2014, 8:13am...

the whole bible is written in the book of hebrews


Benson Mbewe's comment about verse 2 on 2/11/2014, 12:33pm...

WORLDS the use of the word Worlds here could signify that there are other Worlds inhabited by life even as Science seems to be discovering lately


Nhlanhla Kgosiang's comment about verse 14 on 1/30/2014, 3:27pm...

Yes they are ''ministering spirits'' most people are struggling to know if we have authority over angels.Well Jesus once said ''I am giving you authority over all spirits'' you think,after that statement,that our authority is only limited to the authority over evil spirits?...i need an answer please.


Cisco's comment on 1/12/2014, 12:07am...

Folks claim the Bible says Jesus is God. Really?
Why then do the scriptures proclaim --that God was over Jesus in authority. The power Jesus had was given to him by God. Jesus had no power except God GAVE it to him. Read the scriptures.


Rev. Autrey's comment about verse 8 on 1/10/2014, 4:55pm...

(This posting is directed to DeeperStill's comment posted on 11-13-2013. You are right on the money. I have been looking to find a fellow believer for a long time. For a while it seemed that I was all along. God bless you. But here's more on the subject.)

((Verse 8-9) "But to his Son he says, 'Your throne O God, endures forever and ever. Your royal power is expressed in righteousness. You love what is right and hate what is wrong. Therefore God ... has anointed you, pouring out the oil of joy on you more than on anyone else."

The first part of this Scripture calls the Son God. The last part called the Son the anointed one or the Christ. We can translate it this way: The God who came and saved us is Jesus the Christ. Therefore God is Christ, and Christ is God.

So it is like God anointing himself to do his work on earth as Jesus Christ. What I am saying is, this is Jesus talking about himself, speciffically in the role he would play as he died for our sins on earth. So the bottom line is, Jesus is God.

Psalm 45 says the same thing. "Your throne O God endures forever and ever. ..." Then it says, "Therefore God has anointed you (or has made you Christ)." The Jews, familiar with this Psalm knew that the Christ was God, then. This is wahat was in the mind of Peter when he said to Jesus, "Thou art the Christ ..." And Jesus, being the one who wrote the Psalms, agreed completely with the fact that when Peter said "Christ" he meant God.

Your name is who you are. That is, if Jesus came to the Jews with the name Christ which meant God, then he was God.

The reason so many religious people do not believe Jesus is God is because they have bought into the Arian heresy that teaches that God the Son is inferior to the Father. It was started by Dr. Arius of Egypt. This teaching was condemned in 325 by the Council of Nicaea. It's main thought is that the Son did not always exist, but was created by God, and is a separate being from God. They base it on a false reading of John 14:28 where it says, "The Father is greater than I am." What they fail to understand is that Jesus often spoke as a mere human. He did this to identify with us weak humans. That is all!

This concept was taught to the Germans by missionaries. Arianism resurfaced in the 16th century after the Protestant revolt. In the 18th century Arianism was the dominant religious teaching in England. Among its adheriants was Isaac Newton.

Groups loke the Jehovah's witnesses are totatally Arian. They not only believe that Jesus did not always exist as a person, but believe also that the Holy Spirit is not a person. They believe that he is only God's power.

But sadly, most traditional Christians and others believe similar lies. They say that Jesus is only the Son of God, and not God himself. This makes him in their minds inferior to God.

I hope this sheds some light on the reason we encounter such stiff opposition when we say Jesus is God.

God bless you!


1NC NAM VIET's comment on 12/23/2013, 11:28am...

some people don't get it. JESUS IS GOD. who healed the sick and raised the dead. who said he is in the volume of the god says he is a jealous god and who do we pray to, JESUS. in matthew 28;18 he says that he has ALL power on earth and in heaven. doesn't leave much power for anyone else does it. he opened the door for all gentiles to be saved. he made it possible to live under grace and not under the law. he has the name above all other names. in revelations it says JESUS [ the lamb ] is the only one worthy to open the book. it also says in revelations 22;4 that his name shall be in their foreheads. in exodus 3;14 god said to moses I AM THAT I AM. in john 8;58 JESUS said verily verily I say unto you, before Abraham was, I am. that doesn't sound like bad grammer to me, that sounds like god. one baptism; in the name of JESUS. I wonder why?


Sammy reaves's comment on 12/13/2013, 8:55am...

John 1:3ref; All things were made by HIM and without him was nothing made. The God Head is not a freak, It includes The FATHER,THE SON, AND THE HOLY GHOST, Each was there in the beginning, GOD says that HE is THEALPHA and the OMEGA.


Rev. Autrey's comment on 12/12/2013, 11:30am...

Verse 8: "But to his Son he says, 'Your throne, O God, entures forever and ever. ...'"

When we understand that the God of the Old Testament is Jesus this verse makes perfect sense. This is Jesus talking about himself. That is, he is saying that when he comes into the world to bear our sins he will call himself "the Son." So the Son and God are one and the same. If this is not so, then we have two Gods, and this can never be.

Further proof of this is seen in verse 10 where it says of the Son, "Lord (God), in the beginning you laid the foundation of the earth, and the heavens are the work of your hands." Dosen't it say in John 1:3 that Jesus created everything there is, and that nothing exists that he didn't make?

What we are talking about is personality. God has three distinct personalities: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. But the personality through whom God always speaks to us is the Son Jesus. So what these verses are telling us is that the Son is God, or the way God speaks to us, and the way God made everything there is.

God bless you for considering this!


GERMAN REYES's comment on 12/06/2013, 11:37pm...



Juli's comment on 11/21/2013, 11:17pm...

La santisima Trinidad es un misterio muy dificil de entender, entonces no se preocupen si Dios, el espiritu santo y Jesus son UNO o tres! But do worry about you being a helper, giver, and not a judger


DeeperStill's comment about verse 8 on 11/13/2013, 8:30pm...

I think the deity of Jesus is the attacked truth in the Bible. I have spent years trying to share this truth online with unbelievers and I must say, the unbelievers are easier to convince of Jesus' Deity, than the religious. Hebrews 8 is clear. God the Father is speaking. He is saying that His Son ( Jesus ) is God. And this is not the only verse which declares this. yet, though they read it, say it, see it, speak it, they refuse to believe it.



Gharkaraja Namaste's comment about verse 3 on 11/05/2013, 1:29pm...

The entire opening and subsequent chapters make very clear that Jesus is not God Almighty and that he answers to and receives direction from his Father. As the one through whom all other things were created, Jesus is subordinate to his Father, whose name as revealed in the Bible is Jehovah


Patrick Kaija's comment about verse 1 on 11/02/2013, 10:35am...

Any present prophet who does not get it from the Lord Jesys Christ is a wrong prophet. In these last days God has spoken through, by, and for his Son. The Holy Spirit takes from Jesus to deliver to us. Jesus does nothing except he sees the Father do it. Yes, God is still speaking today as ever before. Yes, the revelation of God was completed in Jesus Christ. Reconcile the two as you understand the role of the prophet today.


IBEGBUNAM Sunday's comment on 9/19/2013, 11:07am...

Had there not been an epistle such as the book of Hebrews, those who are bigoted with the worship of angels and other superstitions would have forever been deceived. Blessed be God that through this epistle shadows and types are completely done away with, so that the real substance will appear. Jesus Christ is hereby presented as the ultimate revelation of God, and nothing can be farther from the truth.
God bless the reader who is thus encouraged through these letters to drop his/her malice against the Gospel of Christ.


IBEGBUNAM Sunday's comment on 9/18/2013, 9:37am...

Had there not been an epistle such as the book of Hebrews, those who are bigoted with the worship of angels and other superstitions would have forever been deceived. Blessed be God that through this epistle shadows and types are completely done away with, so that the real substance will appear. Jesus Christ is hereby presented as the ultimate revelation of God, and nothing can be farther from the truth.
God bless the reader who is thus encouraged through these letters to drop his/her malice against the Gospel of Christ.


Gaul's comment about verse 6 on 9/11/2013, 3:52pm...

I think this is referring to Psalms 2:7 and is speaking of the glorification of Jesus (ref. Matthew 28:18) where all power in heaven and earth is given unto Jesus after His resurrection and glorification. In Luke chapter two the angels are praising God and they are not worshiping the newborn Son of man. They prophetically describe him as "Christ the Lord" but the angels do not worship the Son of man. Paul also connects Psalms 2:7 with the resurrection (Acts 13:33) and not with the Bethlehemic birth.


Simon Monthusi's comment about verse 8 on 9/09/2013, 2:50am...

Jesus Christ is the Lord forever and ever.


Rev. Autrey's comment about verse 8 on 9/03/2013, 11:36am...

(Verse 8) "... 'Your throne , O God endures forever and ever ..." This is Jesus talking about himself as the eternal God. "... And the Word (Jesus) was God" (John 1:1). But when I say that Jesus is the same God who talked to Moses as the "I Am," people stumble because of their belief in Arianism. This belief teaches that the Son did not always exist, but was created by God, and is separate from God.

The trouble with this type of thought is that it purports that there are 2 Gods, or maybe 3 Gods if we count the Holy Spirit. The point is, they end up believing the same lies and heresies Satan introduced into the Church through Dr. Arius and others around 300 AD. What I am saying is, they end up in the pagan belief that there are many gods, just as people believed before the preaching of Paul and the other Christian saints.

Saints, let's not chide the JW"s and other cultic groups for saying that Jesus is not the main God if we are going to say the same thing ourselves. That is,if they are wrong for doing this, then we are wrong too, if we do what they do.

Here it is in a nutshell. There is only one God. But this God has three distinct self expressions. We call these self expressions persons. Jesus, then, is the self expression through whom God speaks to us, and the way he died on the cross.

The Father is the self expression through whom God directs his affairs. And the Holy Spirit is the self expression or person through whom God inspires us to believe.

May God bless you for understanding!


Daniel's comment on 8/29/2013, 10:45pm...

I love verse 8. What a wonderful Kingdom, being ruled by our Lord and God Jesus' righteousness for ever and ever. I want this righteousness today and forever!



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