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BishopBowman's comment on 9/19/2013, 12:23pm...

If we keep the good in God's ten commandments we also have to be on guard because wherever there is good their is always evil in the shadows so to keep doing good by God we have to learn to protect ourselves from evil while we still abide by the laws of God.


John Mitchell's comment on 7/07/2013, 12:54pm...

We are to better ourselves that no one will suffer of neglect if all are loyal to our God and keep the Commandments in our hearts to also to be seen in our souls come judgement day.


Linda's comment on 9/07/2012, 1:23am...

To maintain the status of people under covenant with God, we need to learn, keep and do according to the LORD's judgements.


StephendeRafael's comment on 7/26/2011, 9:02am...

This chapter is critical in the bible, for here they witnessed God as a furnace of fire, heard his voice and declared that He was alive, not as flesh, but as Spirit, declaring the law by which we shall live, the commanments, the arc of the covenant, and God said the if only we will hearken to these laws that it would go well with us, that we would live as well.



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