Colossians 2:16

“Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath days:”

King James Version (KJV)

Other Translations

Let no man therefore iudge you in meat, or in drinke, or in respect of an Holy day, or of the New moone, or of the Sabbath dayes:
- King James Version (1611) - View 1611 Bible Scan

Therefore no one is to act as your judge in regard to food or drink or in respect to a festival or a new moon or a Sabbath day--
- New American Standard Version (1995)

Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of a feast day or a new moon or a sabbath day:
- American Standard Version (1901)

For this reason let no man be your judge in any question of food or drink or feast days or new moons or Sabbaths:
- Basic English Bible

Let none therefore judge you in meat or in drink, or in matter of feast, or new moon, or sabbaths,
- Darby Bible

Let no man therefore judge you in food, or in drink, or in respect of a holy-day, or or the new-moon, or of the sabbaths:
- Webster's Bible

Therefore suffer no one to sit in judgement on you as to eating or drinking or with regard to a festival, a new moon or a sabbath.
- Weymouth Bible

Let no one therefore judge you in eating, or in drinking, or with respect to a feast day or a new moon or a Sabbath day,
- World English Bible

Therfor no man iuge you in mete, or in drink, or in part of feeste dai, or of neomenye,
- Wycliffe Bible

Let no one, then, judge you in eating or in drinking, or in respect of a feast, or of a new moon, or of sabbaths,
- Youngs Literal Bible

Bible commentary

Wesley's Notes for Colossians 2:16

2:16 Therefore - Seeing these things are so. Let none judge you - That is, regard none who judge you. In meat or drink - For not observing the ceremonial law in these or any other particulars. Or in respect of a yearly feast, the new moon, or the weekly Jewish sabbaths.

People's Bible Notes for Colossians 2:16

Col 2:16 Let no man therefore judge you. As the law was nailed to the cross (Col 2:14), let no man compel you to keep its ordinances. In meat, or in drink. By requiring you to eat only what the Jewish law prescribes (Le 7:10-27). See Ro 14:17 1Co 8:8 Heb 9:10. Compare 1Ti 4:3. Or in respect of an feast day. Such as the Passover, Pentecost, etc. Or of the new moon. The monthly observances (Nu 28:11). Or of the sabbaths. The Jewish Sabbath had passed away with the law.

Discussion for Colossians 2

  • Maudlyn James
    I see Paul admitting that there was a struggle to adequately serve different groups of believers as they expected. Consequently, he encourages understanding what is right to do is important in the service of God. I view being buried with Christ in baptism to be symbolic of an end to our attempting to suffer doing righteous works to gain salvation. Christ completed what we could not do to gain life
  • Do this relate to verbally abusive husband in the body of Christ
  • Emmanuel for verse 11
    In the old testament circumcision was key in defying an Israelites BUT today baptism is key n defining a Christian. Therefore l still think Baptism took the place of circumcision ... If read with Vs 10 12.
  • One has to look at the entire chapter of Colossians 2 and what it is saying to the Spiritual person, having been completed in him and dwelling all the fullness of the Godhead bodily in putting off the body of sin of the flesh by circumcision of Christ, being buried with him in baptism, risen with him thru faith, having being forgiven of all trespasses, blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us, which was contrary against us, nailing it to the cross, he triumphed over them in it, then he said let no man judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of a holyday, or of the new moon, or of the Sabbath, which is a shadow of things to come, just as Christ healed on the Sabbath, and did things contrary to the Pharisees understanding Paul is saying we too must operate not in the flesh but in the spirit putting away the ordinances and moving on.
  • Adam
    Water Baptism is the washing away the sin's after you have been Born Again!!!!!!
  • wow, it is obvious that too many people take God, our Creator and holy Father's Truth out of context! yes He definitely freed us of the guilt from the great Accuser. being born into sin is clearly a statement that shows who's side we are on early on in our immaturity. Jesus took away our marriage to Satan and set us free so that we are subjected unto the Father in heaven just as He is. that is not a burden but a blessing to follow after the greatest, most perfect being of all time and a promise that we are able to take after our holy Father! after all, the 10 commandments are the perfect character of God! who would ever wish to delete them aside from God's enemy, the great Accuser, Satan himself?

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