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1.  Who was Psalm 7 written about?


2.  According to Psalm 8, God has crowned man with what?

Glory and honor
Love and hope
Mercy and grace
Victory and success

3.  According to Psalm 9, the Lord is a refuge for who?

Nice people
The oppressed

4.  In Psalm 10, who does the Psalmist say that God will defend and judge?

The fatherless
The oppressed
All of the above
None of the above

5.  According to Psalm 11, where is the Lord's throne?

In a private location
On a mountain
On earth
In heaven
In New Jersey

6.  The words of the Lord are like refined silver, purified how many times?

Two times
Four times
Seven times
Forty times

7.  What is the psalmist wrestling with in Psalm 13?

Feeling forgotten by God
Tempted by sin
Hoping for an heir
Desperate to find love

8.  Who says in his heart 'There is no God?'

The devil
The fool

9.  Psalm 15 describes what kind of person?

The sinner
The kind who can dwell in God's sanctuary
The man who is foolish
A godly wife

10.  Psalm 16:1 says, 'Preserve me, O God, for in thee I' what?

Find my strength
Find love
Spend my days
Put my trust

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