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1.  Which of the following did Jesus not send out His disciples to do?

Heal sicknesses
Cast out devils
Deliver food to the poor

2.  What did Jesus say when He heard that His mother and brethren had come to see Him?

'Who is my mother, or my brethren?'
'Your sins are forgiven.'
'It is so good of you to come.'
'You are healed.'

3.  When a great storm threatened their ship, the disciples found Jesus doing what?


4.  What did Jesus compare to a grain of mustard seed?

The Roman government
The power of Herod
The kingdom of God
The strength of the apostles

5.  In the parable of the sower, the plant from which seed was scorched by the sun and withered?

The seed that fell on good ground
The seed that fell on stony ground
The seed that fell among thorns
The seed that fell by the wayside

6.  When the unclean spirit left the man and went into the swine instead, how large was the herd of animals?

About 1000 animals
About 2000 animals
About 3000 animals
About 4000 animals

7.  How did the Gadarenes respond when they saw that Jesus had cast the legion of devils out of the man and into the swine?

They asked Him to leave.
They fell on their faces and worshipped.
They had a feast in His honor.
They offered to pay Him.

8.  How long had the woman had 'the issue of blood' before she was healed by touching the garment of Jesus?

3 years
6 years
9 years
12 years

9.  What caused Jesus to 'marvel' when he returned to his own country to preach?

The faith of the people
The wealth of the people
The unbelief of the people
The leprosy of the people

10.  As the people tried to figure out who Jesus really was and where His power came from, which historical character was NOT mentioned as a possibility?

King David
John the Baptist
One of the prophets.

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