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1.  Which of the vial judgments kills all life in the sea?


2.  Who is the great prostitute in the book of Revelation?

The Roman Catholic church
The United States

3.  Why is Babylon destroyed in the end times?

She led God's saints into sexual sin
Because of her great sorcery
She blasphemed God's name
Because of her arrogance and pride
Because she had slain the prophets and the saints

4.  What is written on Jesus' garment and thigh when He returns to earth on a white horse?

Jesus Christ, King of the Jews
The Holy One of Israel
Mighty God
King of kings and Lord of lords
The lion and the lamb

5.  What blessing is bestowed on those who are raised in the first resurrection?

They judge angels
They will be priests of God and Christ and reign 1,000 years with Him
They will establish God's kingdom on the new earth
They will be given the authority to help create the new heaven and the new earth
They will have great riches and elaborate mansions in Heaven

6.  God said: He that _________ shall inherit all things: I will be his God and he shall be My son.

Is holy
Is humble
Has a pure heart

7.  What are the last recorded words of Jesus in the Bible?

All power has been given to Me in heaven and on earth
I am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end
Let him who is athirst come and take of the water of life freely
I am the root and offspring of David; the bright and morning star
Surely, I come quickly

8.  If we are in the flesh, what do we not have?

A future
Spirit of Christ

9.  What are the wages of sin?


10.  How should you love a neighbor?

as family
as thyself
as a wife
as a friend

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