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1.  When the children of Israel asked the Lord if they should fight their brothers from Benjamin because of an evil done to one of them, what did the Lord say?

You shall not bear enmity toward your brethren.”
The Lord said, Go up against them.”
Vengeance is mine to repay” says the Lord, do not touch your brother.”
An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.”

2.  There was a time in Israel's history when the men of Israel had taken an oath in Mizpah regarding the tribe of Benjamin; what was that oath?

They would never again fight against their brethren in Benjamin
They would never acknowledge the Benjaminites as their brethren
They would never allow any of their daughters to become a wife of the sons of Benjamin
They would never eat together with their brethren from Benjamin

3.  Who foretold the birth of Jesus to Mary?

Holy Spirit

4.  To whom did the angels announce Jesus' birth on the night he was born?

Wise men
City of Bethlehem

5.  Who is described as the voice of one calling in the desert.?

John the Baptist

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