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1.  In the tabernacle of old, why was only the high priest allowed inside the 'the Holiest of All?'

Only priests were worthy
The ark of the covenant could not be seen by men
It was a test for the Israelites
It symbolized a future happening
It is never explained

2.  How was Jesus, the highest priest, able to enter into the holy place?

By his divinity
By his blood
By his faith
By his obedience to the law
Jesus never entered a holy place

3.  Why did Jesus' sacrifice replace traditional Jewish sacrifices for sin atonement?

Jewish sacrifices weren't enough
Jews were no longer God's people
Israel was no longer independent
The blood of animals was unclean
Jesus sacrifice did not replace Jewish sacrifices

4.  According to Hebrews, what is the 'new veil' we walk through for salvation?

Love of God
Blood of Christ
Flesh of Christ
Name of Christ
Holy Ghost

5.  According to Hebrews 10:25, what besides the ministry are Christians urged to do?

Donate money
Resist the world
Gather together

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