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Bible Trivia Questions

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1.  What should Christians do for those in government authority?

Write letters of encouragement
Pray for them
Vote them out if unrighteous
Demand they govern according to Scripture
Talk about them to other believers

2.  Who intervenes and works out the differences between man and God?

The priests
Jesus Christ
The Pope
The virgin Mary

3.  According to Paul, how should women make themselves attractive?

Wear makeup
Dress modestly and do good works
Wear a shawl
Wear gold and pearls

4.  What are two qualifications of a bishop or elder?

Blameless and a husband of one wife
A man of prayer and good works
Has a good sense of humor and has many friends
Loves people and prays for others
Cares for orphans and widows and heals the sick

5.  What does the Holy Spirit say will happen in the last days?

Many will be saved
Some will depart from the faith
Miracles will occur
Men will see Jesus
Men will pervert the Scriptures

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