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André's comment on 9/07/2012, 4:59pm...

In this section, GOD is pronouncing sentences to different nations of the region, because of what they respectively have done.
It’s so simple, so clear.
GOD bless you


Yvonne Boatright's comment about verse 5 on 9/07/2012, 3:00pm...

I am not quite sure to be honest.. I am still praying and asking the Lord Jesus to reveal it's truths to my heart. Perhaps you could shed some light on this scripture..


Sis. Bonnie's comment on 11/02/2011, 6:23am...

As today's chosen disciples GOD has given us the authority to declare the HIS word to the world by example of walking, talking , and living up right in the sight of GOD and man, and declaring that the wages of sin is death, but gift of GOD is eternal life,therefore, we must choose GOD and live


Amos njah's comment on 11/02/2011, 1:23am...

'the words of Amos'are words of God. God only passed the words through Amos because in those days the Bible was not complete. Today we have the Word of God (the Bible) with us. We need to use, even when there is no Amos to proclaim what God says.


David's comment on 5/16/2011, 8:18pm...

In this book God did not hide his anger against wrong doing


Ginny's comment on 1/20/2010, 7:19am...

The Jews had a tradition that Amos spoke with stammering lips, was this because of his heavy burden?



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