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Michael's comment about verse 10 on 12/21/2013, 11:09pm...

I think it is pretty clear. If any man teaches another doctrine about the virgin born, incarnate Christ, you are to have nothing, yes NOTHING to do with them and the "gospel" they bring. I have had many a discussion in my front yard with Jehovah's Witnesses people who try to double talk you into believing that they don't treat Jesus any differently than you. They do not believe in the Trinity and do not believe Jesus was God come to earth in the flesh.


Mary Sadler's comment on 11/03/2013, 3:06am...

If they come teaching any other doctrine except that God came in flesh as Jesus Christ they are an anti-Christ.


Gloria Robertson's comment on 6/28/2013, 7:26am...

Verse 5 states we are to love one another and follow his commandments. How can we show the light to unbelievers if we should not receive them in our homes, or bother with them, especially if it is an immediate relative


Timothy Wayne George's comment about verse 10 on 2/16/2013, 11:45am...

We have to keep the context of what this passage is talking about. If anyone does not believe in the virgin birth of Christ, then that person is an Anti-Christ, and you are not to bid them God speed. This does not mean that you treat all unbelievers as Anti-Christian. We are to be salt, and light in the world, and we should witness to unbelievers so that they can come to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and escape the snares of the devil. To the one that has a child that is having sexual orientation issues, you must love them, but hate the sin. Pray for them, that God will open their eyes to the glorious gospel of truth. God is not willing that any should perish, but that all would come to repentance, (2 Peter 3:9).


Stepmom's comment about verse 11 on 2/15/2013, 3:40pm...

My stepson who is 23 is a transvestite, has changed his name to a girl's name (not legally, but informally). He comes over to our home often on the weekends to spend time with us, eat with us, etc.. I no longer give him make up and beauty products or women's clothing, but is having any relationship with him at all "Godspeed"? My husband would not forbid him to come to the house, and I cannot impose this in my husband but want to be obedient to the Lord. What should we do? Is there an answer in Scripture? Does this verse apply to spending time with lost relatives? My parents are not born again either. How do I apply this verse to dealing with relatives?


Pastor's comment on 11/05/2012, 8:14pm...

When John wrote the letter it was addressed to the church ''elect lady'' a productive mother with children [individual believers]. In concluding John being also a child amongst others sends regards of other children [individuals] and the mother [church].


Nunu's comment on 10/23/2012, 6:38am...

Can you please help me understand verse 1, 2 and 5 ... Who/what does the word "Lady" reference to? Is it the church? If so, what about verse 13 "Sister" Thank you.


Lee martin's comment on 5/15/2012, 3:29pm...

amen. we are in sad times. but with the help of jesus and his mercy and grace. not all will be decieved. lord help the true church of jesus to rise in power as in the book of acts.


Steve hooper's comment about verse 9 on 5/15/2012, 8:51am...

The Apostles Doctrine Acts 2:42.Many churchs have wondered far away from the Apostles Doctrine.With the development of the Trinity Christain Religious World,the gospel of the Apostle and the Apostles Doctrine is labeled as Heresy.Thank-you.


Jewel Williams's comment on 9/24/2011, 5:03pm...

-I love knowing that I as an adult is also a child of God with an advocate by the name of Jesus.


Michael Lydon's comment on 9/20/2011, 4:12am...

"Doctrine of Christ" Spirit of Christ = Liberty (ETERNAL TRUTH), Love (ETERNAL LIFE), Joy (ETERNAL WHOLENESS), Hope (ETERNAL LIGHT), Grace (ETERNAL STRENGTH), Peace, Mercy, Gratefulness, Longsuffering, Compassion, Charity, Admiration, Kind Guidance & Patient Influence (ETERNAL POWERS)

God doesn't have a face. Jesus Christ was God in the flesh here to offer a clear PICTURE of Who God Is and What God Is. It's a picture book for the Children of Light.

What is NOT CHRIST IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER: wrathful (total slavery under the completely controlling energy of death, GOD HAS NO WRATH WHATSOEVER), jealousies, angers and hatreds (the burning energy of death that has been storied for the Children of Light in the picture of Hell, God has NOTHING to do with anger), controlling & ruling orders to obey (Eternal has NO use for slaves), judgments that offer punishments for disobedience

Those who believe that God is Wrathful DO NOT HEAR JESUS CHRIST. Those who "believe in Jesus" while at the Altar offering God the sacrifice of their own Godly attributes DO NOT KNOW JESUS CHRIST. Those who claim that Hell is the place of forever burning in pits of fire and is the destination of all who are "non-believers" and "those who aren't Christian": DON'T KNOW JESUS CHRIST.

The Bible is written in one language - the language of Grace that is delivered by Divine Light (holy Ghost). If you pick up the Bible and see all of the talk about Iudgments deliuered by the Lord's wrath and then believe that it is of the Eternal Being Who Is ALL about Grace, Love, Mercy and Liberty now bears all of those things that are the complete opposite, then know that you are not Reading Prophesy. If you think of others "who deserve to go to Hell" and furthermore, believe you see such a message in the Bible, then it's time for you to set the Book down and work on forgiveness, patience, compassion, gratefulness and others.

Reading The Word of God in the language delivered by Divine Light (holy Ghost) deliver only the answers of Grace & Liberty.

Minds blinded behind the vaile shut down by Evil temptations and bites of the fruits of Sin deliver little more than confusing and contradictory Babel.


We all go up at the same time. Man is Singular. Perfect God Desires Eternal Life for all. It's hard for those with beliefs to fathom through the little boxes limiting Sight, but easy to Know: Perfect is Perfect.


Dr.John Prabhakar's comment about verse 9 on 8/30/2011, 10:08am...

'Doctrine of Christ means several things. Firstly, the Father and the Son aspect. Secondly, the teachings of
christ as well as the Apostles doctrines. Thirdly, a little more teaching as to what Christ is to the church:
1) Church is the Kingdom of God; and Christ is the King in every local church. He rules. No man.
2) Church is the 'Body of Christ; and Christ it's Head. He controls. No man.
3) Church is the 'Sheepfold'; and Christ the Shepherd. He is the 'Pastor'. No man.
4) Church is the 'Temple of God'; and Christ its Chief Priest'.
5) All in the church are God's servants(Ro.6:22); and Christ the Lord.
This completes, more or less the Doctrine of Christ. This is my humble presentation, lovingly shared.


Jose f barajas's comment about verse 5 on 7/26/2011, 5:26pm...

apostle John was happy about this cristian church to know the truth & love of God and his son Jesus Christ the worlds savior.But I still dont know which church he wrote to.phillipi or ephessians?


Debbie's comment on 6/22/2011, 12:31pm...

the most important thing to ask yourself is what did Jesus say? If its not in the bible its man-doctrine...we want to fashion ourselves after God we were made in his image.


Collie Matthew White's comment on 4/05/2011, 2:06pm...

So if i bring the doctrine, but know that jesus is inside of me. but technically he hasnt come in the flesh, Becouse i am Collie. Does that make me A Anti-Christ? Becouse i do like to deceive people. but it is love and the greater good is why i cannot just come out and say i know where the next True prophet and messiah is. Or should i just keep my mouth shut and wait for more signs?



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