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Colossians 2:21  (1611 King James Bible)

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(Touch not, taste not, handle not:

- 1611 King James Bible

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Other Translations of Colossians 2:21

(Touch not; taste not; handle not;
- King James Version (Cambridge Edition)

Handle not, nor taste, nor touch
- American Standard Version (1901)

Which say there may be no touching, tasting, or taking in your hands,
- Basic English Bible

Which say there may be no touching, tasting, or taking in your hands,
- Darby Bible

Col 2:21 Touch not; taste not; handle not. Why are you subject to prohibitions of food and drink which command you to "touch not"? etc.
- People's Bible

(Touch not; taste not; handle not;
- Webster's Bible

Do not handle this; "Do not taste that;" "Do not touch that other thing" --
- Weymouth Bible

Don't handle, nor taste, nor touch
- World English Bible

That ye touche not, nether taaste,
- Wycliffe Bible

-- thou mayest not touch, nor taste, nor handle --
- Youngs Literal Bible


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View Wesley's Notes for Colossians 2:21

2:21 Touch not - An unclean thing. Taste not - Any forbidden meat. Handle not - Any consecrated vessel.


ben weaver's comment on 2011-01-13 13:19:40:

V. 21, \"touch not, taste not, handle not\" is defined as being the commandments of men which show man made religion, rather than an O.T. injunction by God. The previous v. challenges us not to be subject to such ordinances. Established churches in my own religious community have many such binding rules to help guide their members. After (don\'t associate with the world) comes (no cars allowed). Since modern tractors and wagons might be used to go to worldly places, more rules were needed. (No rubber tires allowed). Now abusive jolting of equipment brought on homemade tractor wheels with rubber in the structure to absorb the shock. More church rules needed. (Not over a certain percentage of the wheel may be of rubber). Do you see how such man imposed rules perish with the useing. Even well-meant religious rules eventually require more regulation, and the victims are distracted from new life in Jesus to worldly religion. This whole chapter 2 is devoted to contrasting; the kingdom of our Lord against the falacy of well-meant religion. James 1:27 gives a very limited description of pure religion that is not defiled before God. Let\'s keep our eyes on Jesus.


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