1 Peter 5:13

“The Church that is at Babylon elected, together with you, saluteth you, and so doth Marcus my sonne.”

1611 King James Version (KJV)

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Other Translations

The [church that is] at Babylon, elected together with [you], saluteth you; and [so doth] Marcus my son.
- King James Version

She who is in Babylon, chosen together with you, sends you greetings, and {so does} my son, Mark.
- New American Standard Version (1995)

She that is in Babylon, elect together with `you', saluteth you; and `so doth' Mark my son.
- American Standard Version (1901)

She who is in Babylon, who has a part with you in the purpose of God, sends you her love; and so does my son Mark.
- Basic English Bible

She that is elected with [you] in Babylon salutes you, and Marcus my son.
- Darby Bible

The church that is at Babylon, elected together with you, saluteth you; and so doth Mark my son.
- Webster's Bible

The Church in Babylon, chosen like yourselves by God, sends greetings, and so does Mark my son.
- Weymouth Bible

She who is in Babylon, chosen together with you, greets you; and so does Mark, my son.
- World English Bible

The chirche that is gaderid in Babiloyne, and Marcus, my sone, gretith you wel.
- Wycliffe Bible

Salute you doth the [assembly] in Babylon jointly elected, and Markus my son.
- Youngs Literal Bible

Bible commentary

Wesley's Notes for 1 Peter 5:13

5:13 The church that is at Babylon - Near which St. Peter probably was, when he wrote this epistle. Elected together with you - Partaking of the same faith with you. Mark - It seems the evangelist. My son - Probably converted by St. Peter. And he had occasionally served him, as a son in the gospel.

People's Bible Notes for 1 Peter 5:13

1Pe 5:13 The [church that is] at Babylon. "She that is in Babylon" (Revised Version). The word "church" is not in the Greek. Peter probably referred to his wife. The salutations are from individuals. On Babylon, see topic 9257. Alford says, ``There is no reason whatever for regarding this any place but the Chaldean capital.'' [So doth] Marcus, my son. Most likely John Mark, the author of the second gospel. See Ac 12:12 13:5 15:37 Col 4:10.

Discussion for 1 Peter 5

  • Lou Harris
    Thankful for this word, encourage to stay in the word and in humbleness, knowing no matter what, God is still in charge.
  • Irene123
    Did no one notice v. 13? "The church that is at Babylon .........saluteth you;........." Peter wrote this; he was the pastor of the Mesopotamian church at Babylon. He wouldn't have sent this salutation had he not been it's pastor. Nor does this name apply to Rome, simply because the Apostles followed after Jesus and would have used 'disparaging' remarks. This was the actual Babylon.
  • Iene123
    v. 1 - ".....and a witness of the sufferings of Christ ....."; this reminds me of Lk. 22:61 - and the Lord turned and looked upon Peter. Oh, the sorrow, guilt, and silent recrimination Peter must have felt!! That one phrase brings tears to my eyes. Because, the Lord didn't condemn him, not even silently. His look was of pure love, because He knew beforehand Peter would do this, and He knew why.
  • Sean
    God always send the right words at the right time. So going through a togh time on my job. It's small things simple things that will not make a bit of difference. These things let us know that satan rampid. example we are eating lunch at this very moment. my coworker is listineng to a segment that is true indeed. the problem is the voulume is up so everyone heres and every other word is cusing. Fu ! this and fu ? that put in yor ear phones please. simple problem solved This scripture is just reassurance that God is still at work. The right word at the right time. Love Dad and Thank you!!!
  • Sherri Moore
    This was edifying to my soul because I have been there and the devil was trying to keep me under his spell but I prayed and now I am free from that enemy. I don't give Satan the chance to re-enter into my spirit.
  • Lilian
    Thank you Jesus for reminding me with your words you are truly taking care of me and my family with your HOLY SPIRIT IS ALWAYS UPON ME.HELP ME JESUS TO BE BORN AGAIN IN SPIRIT EVERY MOMENT OF MY LIFE.
    When the STORM comes let your mercy and love and peace BE WITH MY SPIRIT By your BLOOD cover me Jesus help me to be sober and vigilant all battles belongs to you and VICTORY IS OURS LUV U JESUS AM

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